Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops

Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops

Floor Cleaner That Vacuums And Mops Vacuum + Mop + Wash + Dry Suction synchronization | One-key mop washing Wipe and dry | 120min runtime

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Product Description

Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops

app control   OLED Real-time display


Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops | Duo clean vacuum cleaner & Technical Parameter

Total Rated Power Suction Power Motor Vacuum Runtime(3modes) Dustbin Volume
495W 135W 120K RPM 25kPa 80/35/10min 0.5L
Charging Time Battery Capacity Dimensions Weight Volume
3 hours 2500mAh*8 1191×158×221mm 2.7kg 55/75dB(A)

Advantages of floor cleaner that vacuums and mops | Duo clean vacuum cleaner | Vacuum mop combo

Xclea is an ecological company under Honor, which is mainly responsible for the home. The latest product is the most robust floor cleaner that vacuums and mops ONE X.

Xclea's wireless floor wiping vacuum cleaner has two main functions: vacuuming and wiping the floor. So what is unique about it? The introduction said that it is a vacuum cleaner, which can washcloth, wipe and dry with one button, and has a long battery life of 120 minutes. Is it not special at first glance? Yes, its characteristic is unpretentious. The incredible thing about it is its appearance. It comes with a small box specially designed for cleaning.

Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops

Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops simply combines the vacuum cleaner and the mop into one, and its box uses a turbo-type scraper. Equipped with an intelligent electronically controlled water tank, it is cleaned with a wiper through the cleaning turntable, which is equivalent to manual rubbing for 10 minutes. It comes with the effect of wiping and trying to achieve the effect of dragging and drying at any time. There is no need to touch the mop at all, and it is very convenient to wipe and wipe simultaneously.

floor washing vacuum

This process of sweeping the floor is wholly omitted. And this floor cleaner that vacuums and mops ONE X is equipped with the most advanced 120,000 rpm brushless motor and multi-cone wind technology, which raises the vacuum degree to 25kpa. Whether it is dust, dander or deep dirt, it can be easily absorbed. In the case of simultaneous suction and wiping, the garbage can be interested, but the floor can be firmly wiped simultaneously. The double-rotor high-speed vigorous wiping is cleaner than manual wiping, which is not possible with traditional wipers. When you are still hesitating to buy a floor cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, ONE X will do it all for you.

Efficient mopping capability

xclea specially used high energy efficiency ratio and advanced BMS battery management technology for this vacuum cleaner ONE X, which can provide up to 120 minutes of battery life under the condition of wiping, and the standard model is 80 minutes of battery life. Its appearance is slender and intelligent. It adopts an ultra-thin narrow-sided racetrack circle design, which reduces the body without lowering the ground area so that the ground can be wiped and sucked as flexible and freely.

Ultra-thin narrow-edge runway round design

Xclea floor cleaner that vacuums and mops ONE X adopt a magnetic wireless charging design, automatically charged with a single touch. It is very convenient, and it is not limited by space at all, and it is also convenient to store. This is also equipped with an OLED colour screen and link intelligent linkage. Various data can be displayed concisely and conveniently, and the air purifier can be turned on automatically when cleaning through "Smart Life." The calorie consumption can be checked, and so on. Make your exercise clean.

Magnetic wireless charging

In general, most of the vacuum cleaners on the market are vacuum cleaners, and the mopping machine is the mopping machine, so there are few two and one, and the functions are pretty good, making cleaning also fun.

LED digital display function vacuum cleaner

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