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  • The fluff of carpet is easy to accumulate dust, Carpet pro vacuum cleaner is a good helper to deal with carpet dust.


  • The floor cleaner for vacuuming and mopping has its own wiping effect, trying to achieve the effect of mopping up at any time.


  • The principle of a household vacuum cleaner can help users do a lot of things faster. In addition to the ability to clean the ground, there are eight unexpected functions.


  • Buyers can use a vacuum cleaner to save time and clean quickly. They can easily clean without bending over. They are not so tired. The cleaning effect is good. Mopping the floor and removing mites will increase the health index.


  • Before buying a handheld vacuum cleaner, you need to clarify your needs. The difference in vacuum cleaner types is divided into wired and wireless models. The most important thing about vacuum cleaners is the cleaning effect and the simple and convenient operation.


  • Household vacuum cleaners, functionally speaking, are mainly divided into two types: dry and wet. In terms of power, it is divided into two kinds: high-power vacuum cleaner and portable. 3000W to 4500W power is a high-power vacuum cleaner. Portable vacuum cleaners generally have power between 60W and 200W.


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