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Cleaning Robots for Pet Hair Cleaning

Many consumers who need to buy a sweeping robot have dogs or cats that have been shedding heavily all the time. The main demand for purchasing a sweeping robot is to clean pet hair on the ground. Combined with the parameter analysis of the sweeping robot。
The suction mouths of mainstream sweeping robots are mainly divided into pure suction mouths, roller brush suction mouths and plastic brush suction mouths. As far as cleaning hair is concerned, the best cleaning effect is the plastic brush. Although the cleaning robot with pure suction mouth design will not cause hair entanglement, However, the cleaning effect is poor, and although the product with the hair roller brush has a good cleaning effect on the hair, it is more prone to the situation that the hair is entangled with the roller brush. Therefore, if the main requirement for purchasing a sweeping robot is to clean pet hair, give priority to a sweeping robot designed with a rubber brush