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What is a vacuum cleaner?


What is a vacuum cleaner?

The main parts of the vacuum cleaner are vacuum pump, dust bag, hose and exhaust fan. Its working principle is that the exhaust fan inside the vacuum cleaner under the action of current, that is, we usually say that the exhaust fan after energized, this time the vacuum cleaner is vacuum inside. Since it is a vacuum, the air pressure inside is much less than the air pressure outside, at this time, the dust and particles on the ground will be pressed into the vacuum cleaner, that is, sucked in.

The garbage is then filtered through the bag and left in the bag. Such a simple principle, convenient for every family. We just need to turn on the vacuum cleaner, easily hold the dust hole in every corner of the floor walk, not to say spotless, most particulate dust absolutely no. At this time if you feel still not clean, with a mop mop, absolutely spotless.

Vacuum cleaner purchase tips:

1. Choose according to the size of your home space and cleaning workload

The general family, if often take care of, will not produce a lot of garbage every day, generally does not need too much power vacuum cleaner. The power of household vacuum cleaners on the market is generally between 1200W and 2000W. Do not blindly pursue too high power, the higher the power, the greater the noise, the more power consumption.

2. Pay attention to the vacuum degree

The size of vacuum is another important indicator of the vacuum cleaner. The greater the vacuum, the greater the suction. It is related to the quality of the motor and the sealing of the whole machine. The vacuum degree is not the bigger the better, because with the increase of the vacuum degree, the burden of the motor will increase, which directly affects the life of the motor. Generally more than 20Kpa can be.