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Long life 65 minutes, the Honor ecological product is easy to clean, cleaning in one step

The advancement of technology has provided countless conveniences for our lives. From the small things of food, clothing, housing and transportation, we can experience the happiness brought by technology. Faced with the troubles of home cleaning, a variety of vacuum cleaner products came into being, which allows indoor cleaning to say goodbye to the old hard mode. A new intelligent cleaning and sanitation mode has been opened, so that cleaning is no longer so hard.



Through the development of the vacuum cleaner industry over the years, there are various types of indoor vacuum cleaner cleaning products on the market today, which make customers dazzled and do not know how to choose. In such an environment, cordless vacuum cleaners began to appear. The appearance of cordless vacuum cleaners bid farewell to the inconvenient operation of the cumbersome power cord of the traditional vacuum cleaner. Technologically intelligent cordless vacuum cleaners are loved and sought after by countless young and middle-aged families, and the vacuum cleaners have entered the cordless era.




Under such kind of marketing environment, Clea independently developed the first intelligent cordless vacuum cleaner by Huawei's ecological chain to meet the needs of customers. This easy-to-clean vacuum cleaner, full of science and technology, multi-functional cleaning system, is designed to meet the needs of customers for cleaning in different environments.



New triple noise reduction technology, say goodbye to noise


Clea vacuum cleaner adopts advanced noise reduction filter core material and advanced brushless digital motor, and uses technological innovation to solve the problem of vacuum cleaner noise, allowing users to say goodbye to noise when cleaning the sanitary environment. This vacuum cleaner has a maximum decibel of only 72 decibels during cleaning. The technology has optimized the cyclone duct triple noise reduction technology to make customers happy and willing to get home hygiene in the beautiful scene. 



Double cleaning and suction to remove bacteria harm


This vacuum cleaner uses a magnetic suction wet mop, which effectively removes bacteria in the cleaning process, improves the quality of home hygiene, and solves the potential threat of harmful bacteria. Full of the power of science and technology, it brings a new embodiment of our family hygiene and cleanliness.



Quadruple protection system to avoid secondary pollution of bacteria


This vacuum cleaner uses a brand new ion antibacterial air duct to effectively prevent the internal pollution of the machine, and does not leave an environment where bacteria grow, improving the effect of cleaning and sanitizing.



The silver ion antibacterial roller brush technology is used to avoid the problem of moldy and smelly hair of the vacuum cleaner. This technology solves the pain points that have troubled the vacuum cleaner for many years. Let users no longer have headaches for such problems, and enjoy the convenience of life brought by technological intelligence.



The ionized antibacterial water tank is adopted to solve the secondary pollution after mopping, and the antibacterial rear filter core system is added to effectively solve the escape of viruses in the exhaust gas. The problem of pollution in the cleaning process has been solved by the four-fold fine protection system from the source and it will not cause secondary pollution to the home environment. 



65 minutes battery life, clean in one step


Clea vacuum cleaner operates the new efficient and advanced BMS battery management system, which lasts 65 minutes on a single charge. It meets the time requirements for cleanliness and sanitation when making home hygiene.



Summary: The author believes that Clea vacuum cleaner has a four-layer fine-removal protection system that solves the problem of bacterial pollution from the source and improves the quality of our family environment. Technology changes life and enjoys a high-quality, intelligent and happy life. You deserve it, don't miss it!