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XCLEA wireless floor cleaning vacuum cleaner officially goes on sale on January 23!


 XCLEA wireless floor cleaning vacuum cleaner officially goes on sale on January 23!


Can you vacuum, wipe the floor, and automatically wash the mop? On the occasion of tmall New Year's day, XCLEA has a new self-cleaning wireless floor cleaning vacuum cleaner one X. can't we miss such a vacuum cleaner



Clean ONE X innovates and develops powerful floor cleaning components. It turns into a wireless floor cleaning vacuum cleaner. Deep cleaning can be done by one machine.

One key powerful washing and brushing can quickly dry the dirty hands. Through the cleaning turntable + scraper cleaning + turbine cleaning, it can strongly wash and brush the dirty mop, which is equivalent to the effect of manual rubbing for 10 minutes. Finally, it can quickly dry the hands through the scraper, so that the whole process does not touch the mop and dirty hands.

Automatic cleaning, wiping and drying

XCLEA flagship has the strongest performance so far. The ONE X is equipped with XCLEA's most advanced 120000 RPM brushless motor and multi cone air duct technology, which improves the vacuum degree to 25kpa and has a 120 minute endurance in the ground wiping mode.

Slim and flexible, ultra-thin narrow edge runway circle design, easy wireless floor cleaning module adopts ultra-thin narrow edge runway circle design, which can reduce the figure without shrinking the floor area, and can also be flexible in floor cleaning and dust collection.


Double wheel high-speed strong wipe is cleaner than hand wipe, powerful double wheel power, equivalent to using both hands at the same time continuous high-speed wipe, wipe more clean, and silk effortless.

The intelligent electronic control water tank is just ready to dry when it is dragged. The floor wiping module of XCLEA wireless uses the intelligent electronic control water tank to control the water flow through the intelligent chip, so as to keep the ground in the state of micro wet grasp, and dry when it is dragged.

OLED color screen real-time understanding of the clean state, visual color display, from the power, gear to calorie consumption, with a simple way to show the data, really cool and meaningful.

No space storage charging two in one magnetic suction wireless charging design, it can complete automatic charging with one touch, which is very convenient, and is not limited by space, compatible with storage function.

Hilink intelligent linkage movement cleaning two correct, easy to clean wireless cleaning vacuum cleaner ONE X, will be new access to HUAWEI HiLink ecology, through the "Smart Life" app linkage settings, check the calorie consumption of cleaning, make cleaning more interesting.

XCLEA wireless floor cleaner ONE X is now available in tmall XCLEA flagship store, which will be on sale at 10:00 on January 23