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XCLEA's first sweeping and dragging robot appeared in Times Square, stunning the world with its strength


As a leading Chinese company, many eyes are focused on HUAWEI’s actions. The HUAWEI Developer Conference is HUAWEI’s annual flagship event for global developers in the ICT (information and communications) field. At each conference, HUAWEI will present some differences with global developers. The same thing has challenges and is more valuable!




At the HUAWEI Developer Conference 2020 after a lapse of one year, in addition to Hongmeng OS 2.0, EMUI 11, HUAWEI Mate 40 and other new news, HUAWEI Honor ecological products also appeared. Among them, XCLEA, a high-end smart cleaning brand from HUAWEI Honor Eco, made a major debut with three cleaning products, the XCLEA suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner, the XCLEA smart wireless vacuum cleaner, and XCLEA's first sweeping and mopping robot.




It is worth noting that in addition to the antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner with integrated suction and mop, which is already on the market this year, the other two smart wireless vacuum cleaners and the first cleaning and mopping robot of XCLEA are all deployed in the global smart cleaning market in the second half of the year. The blockbuster new product. The product highlights of the two new products were first unveiled at the HUAWEI Developer Conference to unlock the mystery.


XCLEA has been deeply involved in the field of smart cleaning for many years. On April 27 this year, it officially released the first XCLEA smart cleaning wireless vacuum cleaner, and officially logged into the HUAWEI Mall and Glory Pro Shop. It has powerful performance, integrated suction and drag, healthy antibacterial, and smart cleaning. The all-in-one XCLEA wireless vacuum cleaner, bid farewell to the era of cleaning only the surface of the vacuum, realized the total number of crowdfunding of HUAWEI Mall + Honor selection exceeded 10,000 units, and set a sales volume + sales in the price range of 1000-1500 yuan for Jingdong 618 Double championship. The new XCLEA Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner and XCLEA's first sweeping and mopping robot also made users full of expectations. It is reported that these two products will be launched in China in the near future, and they are expected to create a new peak of domestic smart cleaning products.




Based on HUAWEI's advantages in product technology and brand, XCLEA leverages the platform of HUAWEI Developer Conference to further increase the development and promotion of the brand, so that more people can feel the smart and clean black technology. Today, XCLEA continues to create new products that integrate professional technology, further expand the popularity of products, and consolidate and strengthen its market leadership in the field of smart cleaning.A