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XCLEA’s new wireless vacuum cleaner appeared at IFA exhibition, and started a new smart life with HUAWEI glory


The Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair is the largest electronic product exhibition held in Germany. The electronic products displayed include the familiar mobile phones, computers, air conditioners, washing machines, etc., covering the equipment needed for the life of the entire family. The duration of the IFA exhibition in 2020 will be shortened to three days, and the number of participants will be strictly controlled and not open to the public. IFA2020 is the first large-scale exhibition held in Germany since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Europe.


HUAWEI has been exhibiting at the IFA exhibition for many years. This time, HUAWEI also showcased its smart screens, HUAWEI P40 Pro mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, speakers, smart glasses, wireless headphones and other products. Demonstrating the complete cooperation of its hardware and software ecosystem.


As a HUAWEI Honor Ecological Enterprise, XCLEA made its debut at this industry event with a brand-new color-matched antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner. XCLEA has been deeply involved in the cleaning appliance industry for many years, focusing on the research and development of high-end cleaning appliances, and has super technical research and development capabilities, creating a new category of smart cleaning. Taking innovation as the development concept, abandoning imitation and preventing plagiarism, XCLEA uses the power of originality to provide users with a cleaner, more humane, and smarter cleaning experience.


XCLEA’s new wireless vacuum cleaner debuts at IFA Exhibition, and joins hands with HUAWEI Honor to start a new smart life




On April 27th of this year, XCLEA’s first wireless vacuum cleaner was unanimously praised at home and abroad as soon as it was unveiled. In the form of the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic, XCLEA first paid attention to the needs of consumers for home health and epidemic prevention, and bid farewell to the era of cleaning that only stayed at the vacuum surface, and officially released the first smart cleaning wireless vacuum cleaner to achieve vacuum, Mopping, sterilization and disinfection are integrated to protect the health of users worldwide.


With the arrival of the era of smart home, HUAWEI has made a strong layout in the field of smart home, embracing the Internet of Things and 5G with users, and XCLEA wireless vacuum cleaners are also fully integrated into HUAWEI's HiLink system. The HUAWEI HiLink system includes two parts: smart connection and smart linkage, which can connect large and small appliances at home to form a smart Internet of Things, which will bring users a better experience. Users of XCLEA vacuum cleaners can use the "Smart Life" app to link settings to make cleaning clearer and easier and more fun.


At IFA2020, XCLEA will not only solve the pain points of household cleaning, but also convey the new concept of XCLEA's smart cleaning to users. XCLEA is not only a tool for efficient home cleaning, but also focuses on smart cleaning experience. Through smart linkage, it strengthens its differentiated functional characteristics and competitive advantages, and conveys a deeper, more efficient, higher-quality and high-quality clean life attitude to users around the world. XCLEA products have been sold to more than 60 countries around the world, on behalf of China's manufacturing, to provide consumers around the world with high-quality products and services.