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Huawei ecology released the first model, Clea cordless vacuum cleaner, anti-bacterial design stunning the audience




It is researched that the germs in the vacuum cleaner are the hidden health risks during cleaning. After one year use, there are many pathogens inside the vacuum cleaner, and most of them will eventually be discharged into the air, causing various health risks. Only a small part of the bacteria, especially the invisible bacteria on the floor is sucked into the air duct of the vacuum cleaner, and the germs continue to breed wild growth. The cyclone mouth of the air duct becomes a hotbed of pathogens: the fungus smell is discharged with the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner, spreading wantonly, induced by human inhalation skin diseases, respiratory tract infections, health hazards.




When cleaning in the home, we should not just stay on the "surface", home is where our loved ones live together, the cleanliness of the home is related to the physical and mental health of our loved ones, in my opinion, home should be the safest, cleanest place. Therefore, home cleaning should not be particularly worthy of our attention. We should not only remove visible dust. I think we should work harder on invisible dust and bacteria.




Clea has done a lot of work on this kind of issue. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of this vacuum cleaner.


Trinity of suction, mop and disinfection


Clea includes suction and mop components, providing two cleaning modes: sterilization and decontamination, while solving the triple cleaning needs of vacuuming, mopping and disinfection. We can add disinfection liquid to the suction-mop integrated components to achieve the effect of home cleaning, and we can carry out centralized sterilization and disinfection on the areas where families often infest. The special durable wash mop is strong anti-fouling and can be used repeatedly, whether it is footprints, drinks or various stubborn stains.




HL electric roller brush to prevent hair entanglement


In addition, Clea’s front brush head adopts the HL multi-functional roller brush, which does not leave any dead corners for household cleaning. The roller brush design solves the problem of no hair tangling during the cleaning process. This design not only solves the problem of hair cleaning, but also completes carpet and floor cleaning without replacing the brush head. In addition, there are many accessories for this vacuum cleaner, which solves the pain points of our use in multiple scenes.




Visual screen design


Clea vacuum cleaner has a visual screen design to make cleaning smart. Such a smart screen design facilitates our more convenient use. The visual screen shows the remaining power of the vacuum cleaner, the suction gear used, the replacement of the filter chip, the capacity of the dust cup and so on. Convenient to meet customers’ different needs for vacuum cleaners when cleaning. 




Sorts of product components and long battery life


In order to meet the cleaning needs of the entire scene, Clea added electric mattress brushes, long flat suction, etc... The addition of product components has increased the use of the product, and the life time of this vacuum cleaner released by Clea is also special excellent, up to 65 minutes of battery life.




Clea starts with "deep cleaning", 4+2 healthy sterilization, can make household cleaning further, comprehensively solve the bacterial problems that ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot solve, and can bring better protection for family health. The home is cleaner and healthier, and the family is more at ease.