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Huawei Honor enters vacuum cleaner industry? Clea cordless vacuum cleaner may reverse the market pattern


Recently, Huawei Honor officially announced its comprehensive entry into the field of smart cleaning, with a new cleaning brand Clea, officially entered the high-end cordless vacuum cleaner market. As a national proud enterprise, Huawei has got world-leading achievements in the field of information and communication technology. This entry into the vacuum cleaner industry will impact the vacuum cleaner market throughout the world.


Clea is positioned as a smart cleaning technology product for the whole scene of the family, focusing on the research and development of high-end smart cordless vacuum cleaners. Especially in the shape of a new global epidemic outbreak in the world, in order to better protect the health of the people and allow the people to isolate themselves in a healthy and worry-free home, Clea officially released the first smart clean cordless vacuum cleaner on April 27, and formally logged into Honor Qinxuan Mall. As Huawei's first product in the vacuum cleaner industry, how is Clea’s cordless vacuum cleaner different from the market's other cordless vacuum cleaners? What are the expectations of Huawei Honor for smart home products? How will it affect the vacuum cleaner industry and brand?




Hard core strength = hurricane suction + deep and efficient cleaning


The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is always the prerequisite for the market. It is reported that the first cordless vacuum cleaner of Clea is equipped with an advanced 100,000 rpm brushless motor, which brings an effective suction power of 125W and the vacuum of 24kpa, which makes the energy efficiency ratio increased to 36%, higher energy efficiency ratio makes the vacuum cleaner get stronger suction, longer battery life and lower noise by the same motor power. Under such strong performance, the life time of Clea cordless vacuum cleaner can last 65min and the noise is as low as 72dB(A). At the same time, it is equipped with ten-cone cyclone dust gas separation technology, and at the same time gets ten tornadoes, effectively separating dust and air, preventing the filter element from clogging, making the hurricane suction more durable.


In addition, in order to reduce the burden of cleaning, Clea innovatively upgrades the HL multi-functional roller brush that is suitable for all scenarios. One roller brush can be adapted to carpet and floor cleaning at the same time. The high and low hair roller brush design can penetrate deep into the gaps of the floor to achieve deep gray and with no tangling hair. With the HL multi-functional roller brush, the Clea cordless vacuum cleaner can also achieve the function of suction and mop integration. As long as a magnetic suction mop component is added behind the floor brush, it can be suctioned and mopped at the same time, which is more labor-saving.  The powerful performance makes Clea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner properly ranked first among domestic cordless vacuum cleaners. It is not inferior to overseas big brand Dyson, the deeper and more efficient cleaning experience can even compete with Dyson.


Sterilization and epidemic prevention is the right time to end the cleaning era of staying on the surface of vacuum cleaning


The sudden outbreak of the new global crown epidemic is profoundly changing all walks of life. Affected by the domestic epidemic, the overall demand for the home appliance industry is weak, but this has led to an increase in the demand for health and quality life small home appliances, especially the vacuum cleaner industry. According to data from, affected by the epidemic, consumers pay more attention to home cleaning and health, driving the surge in online vacuum cleaner sales, but for the vacuum cleaner industry, it seems to usher in a new golden period of development!


In the development period of vacuum cleaners, from the end of March to the beginning of April, domestic and foreign cordless vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots and other major vacuum cleaner brands are crazy to launch new to the market. Seeing the latest vacuum cleaner products released by major brands, most of them still stay on the slight improvement of vacuum cleaner performance. However, meeting the gradual domestic stable epidemic situation and the increasingly complex global epidemic outbreak, these products are not satisfactory either in the domestic market or foreign market. 




When the domestic vacuum cleaner focused on suction power for competition, Clea, as a rookie in the industry, first paid attention to the needs of consumers' home health and epidemic prevention, touching the pain points of users. With its forward-looking awareness beyond the industry, Clea delves into the health of homes. Clea cordless vacuum cleaner breaks through the technical barriers of healthy sterilization of vacuum cleaners and realizes the integration of vacuuming, mopping, sterilizing and disinfecting. Clea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner fully upgrades the vacuum cleaner's floor brush, air duct, water tank, filter element and other materials, injects ion antibacterial materials, and a four-layer sterilization protection system to block the secondary spread of bacteria, while also being able to mop from the water tank. The disinfectant solution exclusively provided by Clea was added to achieve disinfection and epidemic prevention on the ground and protect the health of family members. At the time of health and epidemic prevention, the cleaning and sterilization of Clea vacuum cleaner was at the forefront of the industry, saying goodbye to the era of cleanliness that only stayed on the vacuum surface.


Break the dilemma of low price and quality, and create a new era of smart cleaning


Nowadays, the price wars of domestic vacuum cleaner brands are intensifying. The lower the price of the products, the worse the quality. The foreign brands occupy the dominant position in the domestic vacuum cleaner market, but they are self-styled in product functions and have no innovation, from design to product. In fact, it does not meet the aesthetics and uses of Chinese families. What should the Chinese high-end vacuum cleaner really represent the Chinese brand to regain the status of the Chinese vacuum cleaner market leader?


It is reported that Clea cordless vacuum cleaner has been fully connected to Huawei HiLink system. The Huawei HiLink system consists of two parts: intelligent connection and intelligent linkage, which can connect large and small appliances at home to form an intelligent Internet of Things, which brings users a better experience. Clea vacuum cleaner users can use the "smart life" app linkage settings, automatically turn on the air purifier when cleaning, check calorie consumption, etc., making cleaning at a glance, easier and more fun.




Clea cordless vacuum cleaners not only solve the pain points of home cleaning, but also want to convey to users the new concept of smart cleaning: Clea's new cordless vacuum cleaner is not only a tool for efficient cleaning at home, but also focuses on the smart cleaning experience and strengthens itself through smart linkage. The differentiated functional characteristics and competitive advantages of the company convey a cleaner, deeper, more efficient, higher quality, and more demanding clean life attitude to users.


As the era of smart homes has arrived, Huawei has strongly deployed in the field of smart homes, embracing the Internet of Things and 5G with users, and feeling the advent of the smart era. The emergence of Clea breaks the plight of the low-cost fierce battle in the vacuum cleaner industry and opens a new era of smart cleaning.




In this revolutionary wave of improving the quality of life of users, Clea, backed by Huawei Honor’s national strength support, has sufficient confidence and strength to face all domestic and foreign industry competitors, and is more likely to represent the Chinese brand to regain the status of the Chinese vacuum cleaner market leader. Continue to promote the rapid advancement of the vacuum cleaner industry, and establish a new competitive landscape for the industry.