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Huawei Eco's first cordless vacuum cleaner is the best design for Chinese


What do you think of when mentioning Huawei? Whether it is China's domestic goods or 5G, these are actually not important. What is important is that Huawei broke the foreign technical blockade and the Chinese have undergone earth-shaking changes in the communications industry. Today's Huawei is gradually infiltrating all walks of life.



We all know that China's cordless vacuum cleaner industry has been occupied by a foreign company for a long time. It can be said that a foreign company has taken 70% of the industry's profits from China. This time Huawei's entry will definitely cause changes in this industry. However, this time Huawei entered the cordless vacuum cleaner industry with the existing product ecology. The name of the entered ecological vacuum cleaner is called Clea.



Huawei Eco’s Clea is focusing on suction and mop integration and antibacterial function. Under the epidemic situation, Huawei’s ecology focuses on the antibacterial technology of vacuum cleaners. This design and research and development direction is just a tear to the current cordless vacuum cleaner industry. After all, this is a major pain point in the industry, and it is also a place that people must pay attention to, because the vacuum cleaner is an area where indoor garbage is most concentrated, and the growth of bacteria is particularly serious. Preventing the growth of bacteria naturally becomes the first problem to be solved by vacuum cleaners. The problem was solved by Huawei's Clea. It was seen that the vacuum cleaner industry will usher in tremendous changes.



Clea added a 100,000 rpm digital brushless motor, 125W suction power, and the vacuum of up to 24kp, which can meet your family’s needs in all scenarios. The integrated suction and mop, antibacterial design has solved many people’s concerns, because it is also equipped with rich components and full-scenario demand components.


The charging time of Clea is 35 hours, the battery life is 10min (enhanced), 30min (high-end), 60min (standard), and the battery capacity is 2500mAh×7. After researching, we found that among the similar products, Roidmi’s behabior on charging time and battery life are also good. For example, to the brand of Xson, the official introduction for the battery can run for 30 minutes (standard mode) , high-end is 6 minutes, but charging time is 3.5 hours. Isn’t it funny? If I come to a thorough cleaning at home, Isn’t it normal to only work for half an hour? I can’t wait for 30 minutes and wait for you to charge for more than 3 hours. This flagship product design will inevitably become the choice of many exquisite young people.




Because the vacuum cleaner you choose is not only a necessary dust removal tool for the family, it is also an ornament, so the design of the vacuum cleaner has also become a judging condition for many people who buy vacuum cleaners. The color of a vacuum cleaner released by Huawei Eco is white, giving a clean feeling. If you are careful, you will find that the core of this vacuum cleaner is to prevent the growth of bacteria. I believe this should be the era of vacuum cleaner 2.0. Vacuum cleaners not only solve visible problems, but also the invisible hazards.