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Huawei ecological chain builds Clea cordless vacuum cleaner, how much change will bring on China's vacuum cleaner industry


When it comes to vacuum cleaners, in fact, there are many different brands on the market, all of which are rugged and expensive. The vacuum cleaners of each brand are also very different in performance and design. However, with the entry of Huawei, the vacuum cleaner industry is about to usher in a huge change.




Huawei Eco launched the cordless vacuum cleaner-Clea. This vacuum cleaner is quite excellent in all aspects. Especially attracted the editor's attention is the quadruple sterilization system and super suction.




Now with the change in our views on life, our cleaning philosophy has also evolved. Compared with the previous emphasis on hygiene, we now pay more attention to health and tranquility, and sterilization has become a part of daily life for many people. Due to this, the quadruple sterilization system of Clea vacuum cleaner is also "born on demand".


The four types of sterilization protection systems are divided into:


The first way: ion antibacterial air duct to prevent internal pollution of the fuselage;




During the process of vacuuming, the air duct will easily have some attachments inside. Over time, this will become a breeding place for bacteria. Clea paid special attention to this point making an ion antibacterial air duct, which did not cause any attachments during the vacuuming process. It achieved the same effect as the first use and the 100th use, and perfectly solved many  troubles.


The second line: silver ion anti-bacterial roller brush to prevent the hair from being moldy and smelly;




The rolling brush of the vacuum cleaner is actually like the mop we usually use. If the mop is not cleaned after use, it will be moldy and smelly, and sometimes the situation is even worse. The roller brush of the vacuum cleaner cannot be removed and cleaned after each use. Therefore, whether the roller brush of the vacuum cleaner can resist the problem of mildew and odor is crucial.


Clea's research and development uses silver ion antibacterial roller brush, you can no longer worry about whether you have to clean it again, and you don’t have to worry about mold and smell, just use it and leave it, it is convenient and quiet.


The third way: ion antibacterial water tank to solve the secondary pollution on the ground;




Huawei Clea is a vacuum cleaner with suction and mopping, which means that it combines vacuuming and mopping together. We no longer need to vacuum and mop separately. In order to maximize antibacterial, Clea also puts a lot of thought into the water tank of the mopping module. When the inner wall of the water tank is used for a long time, some sediments will occur, and gradually this will become a breeding ground for bacteria. When we drag the ground, it is very likely that secondary pollution problems will occur. Therefore, to solve this problem, Clea specially developed an ion antibacterial water tank, so that the water flowing out of the water tank is as clean asw hen it enters.




Fourth: anti-bacterial rear filter element to prevent the escape of viruses in the exhaust;


Clea's rear filter element is very powerful, it can effectively filter mites and dust as small as 0.3 microns, and firmly lock the dust and viruses.




These four antimicrobial system divisions correspond to each key component of the vacuum cleaner, and those combined as together being the entire vacuum cleaner body, which is equivalent to the presence of antibacterial in every place of the vacuum cleaner. The filtration efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 99%, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%, which truly achieves near zero emissions!




Moreover, in addition to the sterilization system, Clea has a 125W super suction power, 100,000 rpm brushless motor, and a vacuum of 24000Pa. The suction power generated is undoubtedly ranked as top in the vacuum cleaner.




Moreover, compared with other brands of vacuum cleaners, Clea has 10 cone air duct technology, which can greatly improve the energy efficiency ratio of the vacuum cleaner. That is to say, by the same motor power, Clea can obtain stronger suction, longer battery life and lower noise.




Summary: As a vacuum cleaner under Huawei, Clea's strength is definitely excellent. In addition to the effects mentioned by the editor, there are actually many others, such as: 60 minutes of long battery life, visual screen display, one-key dumping and so on. It can be said that Huawei is still as fierce as ever on the vacuum cleaner, and it also has many heart-warming and humanized designs. Who doesn't love this product?




As a leader in domestic technology, since Huawei has joined the vacuum cleaner market, it will definitely be strong in this area in the future, which is worth looking forward to. So do you want to be the first customer just the same as the editor?