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Should I buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner? Dyson vacuum cleaner advantages and disadvantages? How does it compare with XCLEA cordless vacuum cleaners?


How to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner for home use? Why choose xclea 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner?

To say that handheld vacuum cleaners can be divided into wired and wireless have their advantages and disadvantages. Still, merely, wired handheld vacuum cleaners can not consider the range, but in the use of the time will be more trouble, there are certain restrictions, and wireless handheld vacuum cleaners in the use of the time will be more comfortable, there is no limit, but the range has become a problem to consider.

The Xlcea P10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, which has a range of eighty minutes in standard mode (almost two or three times that of a typical cordless handheld vacuum cleaner), is now more popular than ever.

Vacuum cleaner adjustment mode

I immediately said goodbye to the low battery anxiety, smoothly solved the problem of the range of wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, and the advantages of considerable suction power easy to use; there is no reason not to choose it.

I have considered all aspects of the vacuum cleaner at the beginning of choice; in addition to the range, there is suction power, accessories, noise, value, etc., a combination of my home use, and finally, have the current home vacuum cleaner, the middle once Dyson "heart," but the price has made me stop because clear vacuum cleaner in all aspects The key is that the price is affordable.

Wall mounted 2 in 1 wireless vacuum cleaner

What is good about a good vacuum cleaner?

A good vacuum cleaner in terms of capacity is mainly based on a suction index, dust and gas separation ability, and cleaning ease, which means respectively.
Suction power index: the core factor is affecting the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner.
Dust and gas separation ability: It affects the cleaning efficiency of a vacuum cleaner when used several times in a cleaning cycle.
Cleaning ease: handheld cordless vacuum cleaners generally need to be cleaned after some time to restore the cleaning ability because, in the process of use, dust will block the parts of the vacuum cleaner, making the more times the vacuum cleaner is used, the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner gradually decreases, which is often referred to as suction decay; dust and gas separation ability solve the problem of suction decay.

suction power decay

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is usually expressed in AW or Kpa, with AW for high-end vacuum cleaners and Kpa for slightly lower priced vacuum cleaners, because high-end vacuum cleaners generally have a suction power above 100, with Dyson V11 even reaching 185AW, while ordinary vacuum cleaners are usually between 20AW and 40AW (although they can already meet cleaning needs). This performance gap is reflected in the unit AW. It is reflected more in the entry-level vacuum cleaner, which is generally 8Kpa.
The lowest version of the Dyson V7 currently has a suction power of 100AW, with the lowest gear at 21AW. (Here, too, the ability of the average vacuum cleaner above can be corroborated.)
The Xclea vacuum cleaner has a combined suction power performance of around 22Kpa, which is perfectly suited to household cleaning needs and is very cost-effective.

Its brushless motor speed is 120,000 rpm, can produce 22000Pa suction; in this hardcore strength, all words are pale. When I use it to clean my home, I do not encounter force majeure; some daily dust, hair, rice grains, snack crumbs can be sucked in, and the dust in the floor cracks can also be sucked, and there is no hair tangled situation.
Xclea vacuum cleaner-related parameters comprehensive performance.

P10 wireless vacuum cleaner parameters

Accessory set:
1, Mattress brush
2, Crevice tool assembly
3, Cleaning brush 
4,Filter+rear filter
5, Power adapter
6, Wall mount
7, Package

Wireless vacuum cleaner accessories

In terms of accessories, it is quite comprehensive; in addition to cleaning the ground soft velvet roller brush suction head, there are crevice cleaning brush, filter, etc., and then washing with the combination together, basically covering the corners of the home, and even can do an extension, two-in-one flat suction, the two-in-one brush can be used in the car cleaning, very good ~.

Finally, the noise, I feel that the sound of its work is acceptable when the weekend at home to sleep, my mother will be used to do cleaning, the sound is not sharp and harsh kind, and did not hear the neighbors say anything, so that is still very OK.
The value of this thing depends on personal preferences and aesthetic concepts; anyway, I quite like this white and silver and black with the overall minimalist style, very durable.

The matching brush head is more practical, whether for daily cleaning or car cleaning; the filter is easy to clean and can be washed.
The P10 vacuum cleaner has a very high overall price/performance ratio, meets daily cleaning needs, and has an excellent range performance. If you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner or a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, xclea cordless vacuum cleaner is the right choice.

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