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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a horizontal vacuum cleaner and a handheld vacuum cleaner?


Their advantages and disadvantages depending on how they are used, as they are used for different purposes and sites. Rather than talking about the advantages and disadvantages, what problems can they solve?
Horizontal vacuum cleaner VS handheld vacuum cleaner


high motor power, high suction power, can clean carpets, a dust collection box is also quite large, the brush head is usually a suction mouth, not a roller brush, there is no hair entanglement problem, if it is a barrel vacuum cleaner can also wet suction, suction dry the groundwater stains, and blow-dry the ground (these two functions, horizontal vacuum cleaners are not)


all wired, will be affected by the location of the socket and the length of the wire, bulkier, to push, and storage is not so convenient, especially when cleaning the stairs or sofa is not very convenient, the number of the brush head is not so much, the use of fewer scenes, noise is also more.

As you can see, horizontal/barrel vacuum cleaners are more convenient when cleaning the ground and can clean a large area at once, so commercial vacuum cleaners are barrel vacuum cleaners, but not very convenient when cleaning the environment outside the work, then this is the reason for the emergence of handheld vacuum cleaners.


Handheld vacuum cleaners are divided into wired and wireless. Suppose you have determined to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. In that case, it is more recommended to purchase wireless,because this is much more convenient to use, dragging a plug-in board away is really in the way;

Wireless vacuum cleaners can also be used as mite brushes and car vacuum cleaners, which can clean mattresses and cars and places that are difficult for us to clean, such as ceilings and lampshades, windowsill slots keyboards and other areas, which can be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner OK.


Horizontal vacuum cleaners are improved from barrel vacuum cleaners, which have a larger capacity when wireless vacuum cleaners were not mature enough. Still, to consider the home, so horizontal vacuum cleaners became the favourite, even now, it is also trendy.

Relatively more minor appearance than barrel vacuum cleaners, high suction power, no need for endurance problems
Larger waste storage capacity than handheld vacuum cleaners
Lower price

Although the suction power is high, the noise level is also relatively high.
The cord is longer, so it is more painful if you take the cable manually.
Not as convenient to move as a handheld vacuum cleaner
Brush head accessories are not as much as handheld vacuum cleaners; daily cleaning is enough.

Use scenario.
Suitable for the small family area, cleaning up a lot of conveniences, not because the house is large, pulling the vacuum cleaner all over the place
Suitable for new houses, new houses are dusty and garbage, horizontal vacuum cleaners have strong suction power, easy to clean.
New house opening can also choose the bucket vacuum cleaner home, can clean the wet garbage, which is not a horizontal vacuum cleaner.
For those who have strict power requirements and do not want to run out of power in the middle of the cleaning mood

Handheld vacuum cleaners
Handheld vacuum cleaners are divided into cordless and wired, but the basic principle is similar.

Free from wires, allowing more freedom of use
Lightweight, more convenient than horizontal vacuum cleaners for cleaning the house
Take up less space, full of technology, future development mainstream.
More vacuum heads can suck crevices, sofas, mattresses, etc.
Handheld vacuum cleaners generally low noise, such as xclea's P10 series, noise decibel control is perfect

In wireless models, the battery life is the bottleneck of wireless vacuum cleaners, which currently has reached 90 minutes of continuous life, so do not worry too much.
Inexpensive handheld vacuum cleaner, suction power than the same price wired horizontal vacuum cleaner is much lower
Can't suck away wet waste
Good vacuum cleaners are more expensive;


Use scenario.
All kinds of area can be used, only to consider more suction power and endurance time.
Like the sense of technology, lightweight young people.
Suitable for office workers, busy, the family has a pet, buy a suction hair or very useful.

Selection advise.
Small households or those with high requirements for vacuum cleaners' durability can choose a wired horizontal vacuum cleaner.
For those who like wireless, those who value experience, those who want technology and young people, you can choose wireless vacuum cleaners.

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