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Vacuum Cleaner Buyer's Guide, Lightweight, Fast and Clean for the Whole Family


How many types of vacuum cleaners are there?

① Small wired trolley (traditional shape)
The biggest problem with traditional vacuum cleaners is that they are wired, limiting the range of motion of the vacuum cleaner. And vacuum cleaner activity is not very flexible, accidentally will roll over, really troublesome. So people invented the wireless pusher type.


②Wireless pusher vacuum cleaner
Dyson is not the first person to invent a cordless vacuum cleaner, but Dyson is indeed the first to change the shape of a cordless vacuum cleaner to this convenient-looking push bar. Wireless vacuum cleaners are very free and convenient, you clean your home completely, and will not be limited by the power cord, where you want to go, the only problem is that, if the home is large, flushing a charge is not enough, with the use of the suction power will decay. And wireless would not have been as big as wired suction, which is limited by the battery. Another point is that the dust collection box and the battery are carried in hand; the user's beginning may not feel, with long wrist pain.


③Traditional/vehicle-mounted handheld vacuum cleaners
This kind of low suction vacuum cleaner, in addition to the car, is still in use, basically eliminated, using the wireless push rod type. One because this really suction power bottom, two is not affordable, the filter is not good, many times, vacuum not anti-pollution air, the third point is too large, not good to put, with tired.


④ Suck bed special mite vacuum cleaner
Although this vacuum cleaner is an IQ tax to a certain extent, XCLEA one X developed this vacuum cleaner to a form suitable for suction beds; it can not be said to be as simple as an IQ tax. First, the new mite vacuum cleaner is now in a form suitable for vacuuming beds, without having to push until your hands are soft. Second, the vacuum mouth is large enough to be scientific enough to vacuum the dust simultaneously, unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners that suck in all the sheets. The third is the suction power is large, decay reduction, dust suction skin effect is great.


⑤ Commercial vacuum cleaner
It is the kind of like a large barrel, his suction power, but the filter can not, and inflexible, tell you can be used as a home vacuum cleaner is a lie. This end of the suction, that end will be raised out.


They say that vacuum cleaners filter, filter what the thing is?

The vacuum cleaner, equal to a lung, sucked the gas in can not be discharged? People who have used it know that the tail of the vacuum cleaner will have hot air blowing out, the vacuum cleaner washed into the dust and air, we must leave the dust in the air, the air out, this process is called dust and gas separation technology, from the dust box + filter to a variety of dust and gas separation structure, now the dust and gas separation technology has become more and more powerful, and a large number of different PK situation. After all, after the development of vacuum cleaners to a certain extent, the differences become smaller; the only difference is the form of different dust and gas separation structures.

Another point is the filtration structure, the filtration structure of many use filter cotton and filter HEPA network. If you have used an air purifier, you will not be unfamiliar with the HEPA net, which has to be changed once a year, so the air purifier and the filter of the vacuum cleaner are normally changed.

If you plan to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, then here are a few suggestions you won't want to miss.

Does the suction power of a vacuum cleaner matter?
Yes, it does! But in general, the suction power of wireless is not stronger than a wired one, so wireless suction power can only suck up garbage that is not particularly strong in adsorption or requires a brush to sweep loose dust. Some poor quality wireless vacuum cleaners are not clean once and have to be sucked two or three times, so the suction power size is significant.

Especially the suction bed. Most of the bed sheets are cotton, velvet, and rich silk; these have fluffy fibers; this fluff will tangle the dander and dust on the sheets; either you take it to wash, the vacuum cleaner with small suction power is not thorough.

What should I pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner?

1. A brush wheel with rolling
It's so important! Have a brush to brush the dust, they will loosen, and it is much easier to vacuum away after loosening. Why is it good with a rolling wheel? The one with a rolling wheel will sweep the dust toward the vacuum opening, not outward. The ordinary brush dust is swept outward.

2. Power too large!
Handheld the closer to 400W, the better, wired at least on 1400 above, although the power and suction can not be directly equal, the power of small suction is certainly not great.

3. suck the bottom of the table in terms of gaps?
Some vacuum cleaners have a big wheel in the washing head part, which basically can't fit into the gap at the bottom of the table, so it can't suck the ash inside. It can barely suck when replaced by a small mouth, so you should pay attention to the flexibility and convenience of these suction heads. (The broom basically does not have this trouble)

4. Dust box easy to remove and wash
If the dust box is not easy to disassemble and wash, then after sucking a tear, dust back into space, everything is white suction.

5. Wet mopping
This is not recommended, or you have to do it yourself to suck that mop cloth, and drag you know how dirty your mop, or drag a wash, you drag the whole family, it is the same as the whole family of dirty things together, and then evenly coated again, and finally still have to floor mop off clean.

6. Battery
It is best to use lithium batteries, and the battery life of at least half an hour or more, One X Cordless Vacuum Mop Cleaner in the standard gear of 35 minutes, the longest continuous working time of 80 minutes.

7. Silence
Good brands have gone in the direction of silence; expensive is a little more expensive, but at least will not be noisy with the renovation of a vacuum; some have been silent to close the door on the inaudible.

8. Washed without supplies
Can be washed, do not consume the filter, very important. The first suction power decay will not be too strong; the second do not have to change supplies to save money; the third can be used for a longer time.

9. Pressure
The greater the negative pressure, the better.

Xclea is a Chinese wireless vacuum cleaner supplier; we will regularly share the purchase and use of vacuum cleaners notes; our One X vacuum cleaner will be vacuuming, mopping, washing, and drying synchronized; you can wash and wipe and dry the floor with one click, to maximize the efficiency of vacuum cleaners.

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