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In addition to Dyson, these handheld vacuums are also great


When it comes to handheld vacuum cleaners, your first thought may be Dyson.

In 2014, Dyson used brushless motors for the first time in vacuum cleaners, pushing the motor's speed to 110,000 rpm. And the first breakthrough in Chinese motor technology came in 2015 when Lake made the first domestic brushless motor with 80,000 rpm.

Today, the brushless motor of the Chinese-made XCLEA wireless Handheld vacuum p10S not only breaks through to 100,000 pm but also has a more affordable price.

As a handheld vacuum cleaner in the fighter, Dyson, everything is good, but in a word: expensive. For families who want to pursue higher-cost performance, is there a suitable alternative? The IT Times reporter from the suction, secondary pollution, noise, range, and other dimensions recommended several comfortable and affordable home cleaning guards.

As the king of cost performance in the smart home industry, XCLEA also attracts numerous fans in vacuum cleaners. XCLEA Handheld vacuum p10S has collected up to more than 100,000 reviews on the Chinese e-commerce platform Jingdong. As a cost-effective handheld vacuum cleaner, the P10 can meet all the needs of daily cleaning.

With 24KPA adjustable suction power, the P10S vacuum handheld has a suction power of 24Kpa, which is enough to suck up tiny dust without damaging the battery performance.

The P10S is equipped with a 100,000 rpm high-speed brushless motor with 120W suction power, which can output 24KPa powerful suction power. There are 3 modes to switch freely, which can help clean tasks from dust to peanuts of different particle sizes. To deal with daily cleaning, choose the lasting mode, which can last 70 minutes, remove stubbornness; choose the standard model, last 30 minutes; play a strong suction power; choose MAX mode, which can last 10 minutes.

According to users who use it, the standard model is basically enough, and the dust on the floor, carpet, and corners can be taken care of.

The P10S is equipped with four brush heads:
1.A two-in-one soft bristle brush
2.Electric mite brush
3.Long flat suction
4.In MAX mode, the electric mite brush can remove more than 99% of dust mites in 5 seconds and 2 rounds; the 2-in-1 long flat suction can go deep into narrow crevices and clean blind areas that are usually hard to reach; the 2-in-1 soft bristle brush can be closely combined with sofas and bedsheets, and the soft bristle brush will not hurt furniture.


Scale P10S's high precision filtration technology can effectively avoid secondary pollution. The high-efficiency multi-cone cyclone separation system can generate strong centrifugal force through the cyclone airflow, throwing large particles into the bottom of the dust cup to achieve dust-gas separation and keep the air ducts unclogged. 5-filter system can precisely intercept particles as small as 0.3 microns, with a purification rate of 99.97%, avoiding secondary pollution.


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