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How to pick the right home handheld vacuum cleaner for you? How to use it properly?


Airborne dust is everywhere and is the primary source of dust inside your home. People have to deal with dust every day as long as they live on earth. Dust because of its small mass, if you use a broom to clean it will cause dust, not only pollute the air in your home but also the cleaning efficiency is very low, after a while, it will come back to the ground.

So how to effectively sweep the dust?

For dust cleaning, people invented a more practical handheld vacuum cleaner. It works by internal negative pressure so that the internal and external air pressure is no longer balanced. The vacuum cleaner produces suction; the dust "eats" into the stomach, the vacuum cleaner will be sucked into the stomach will be a series of filtration. Then the treated air and then The dust is then filtered through a series of filters, and the treated air is released into the air. This process does not generate dust and solves the problem of low cleaning efficiency.


The Xclea P10S handheld vacuum cleaner is more versatile and better suited to the user's needs, not only for vacuuming but also for mopping. Switching to different brush heads can clean computers, desks, curtains, sofas, and beds, and some vacuum cleaners also come with mite removal brush heads that can be used to remove stubborn mites. The multi-functional development and use of vacuum cleaners have gradually become a necessity in people's home life.

Why do many people say: "Vacuum cleaners don't work well when they get home"?

The following is a brief description of a few things you need to be aware of when using a vacuum cleaner so that you may be able to dispel any doubts you may have.

Home handheld vacuum cleaner purchase and use process to pay attention to the following four points is very important.

1. Suction power problem

The suction power is only one of the criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner, but more importantly, the suction power should be stable, which requires a solid resistance to decay. Many vacuum cleaners have strong suction initially, but as more things are sucked, the suction will show a linear decrease, and even at the end, the things sucked in will fall out, so the vacuum cleaner is not practical.

2. Battery problem

This problem is estimated that all vacuum products are the same, facing the same problem; this problem is "life," whether it is a wireless vacuum cleaner or sweeping robot, lifetime is related to sweep at once to complete. I wouldn't say I like the second charge and then clean, mainly because it is impossible to spend several hours waiting for it, so the time cost is too high.

3. Do not sweep the construction dust

Construction dust is complex; if you use a vacuum cleaner to sweep, it may produce corrosion of the motor. Also, construction dust is very sticky, and sticking to the inside of the vacuum cleaner is very difficult to clean, which will permanently lose suction power.

4. Don't suck water

Many people think that the vacuum cleaner they use can be mopped, so it is no problem to use it to suck water mopping and sucking water are two different things; cleaning water is seeping out from the water tank. The water tank and motor are isolated, so it will not affect the engine, but if used directly to suck water, the consequences will burn out the motor.


Modern life is about high efficiency. Often, we are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of things. A vacuum cleaner can improve our cleaning efficiency. It is more time-saving than manual cleaning and more thorough cleaning. Hence, it is necessary to buy a high-quality vacuum cleaner for home use. When using a vacuum cleaner, it is also essential to know how to maintain it so that the value can be maximized.

XCLEA is a professional handheld vacuum cleaner supplier; if you have any questions about the selection and use of vacuum cleaners, welcome to contact our manufacturer, provide you with professional advice, and look forward to doing business with you.