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How about a handheld vacuum cleaner? How should I choose?


Some years ago, when it comes to small household cleaning appliances, many people's first reaction should be the horizontal vacuum cleaner. Indeed, this small appliance with long wires dominated the small household cleaning appliances once in quite a long time.The biggest problem is that this vacuum cleaner, on the one hand, drags a wire; on the other hand, the size is not compact, so it is not very convenient to use.

In the past two years, sweeping robots have become a popular choice of small appliances for household cleaning, which can be seen from the endless push of new products from various brands.

Advantages and disadvantages of handheld vacuum cleaners.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are more important for home users, as they are lighter to use than horizontal vacuum cleaners.

Except for a very few very low-end handheld vacuum cleaners, most of them are rechargeable and are characterized by their compact size and ease of use. The rechargeable design allows it to get rid of the wire when we use it to clean the room more at will. Whether it is cleaning the indoor carpet, floor, ceiling, ceiling crevices or our sofa, curtains, different scenes can be equipped with different brush heads. They can also be used in the car, is considered a multi-purpose machine.

The handheld vacuum cleaner has much more suction power than the sweeping robot and can also sweep the nooks and crannies in all directions. The general suction power of sweeping robots is around 1000Pa-2000Pa. Still, handheld vacuum cleaners can easily do 16KPa; there are bigger ones that can do 22KPa suction power, such as Xclea P10X Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, suction power reaches 24Kpa, suction power determines the cleaning ability, the greater the suction power, the stronger the cleaning ability, so After cleaning the floor with a sweeping robot, we often still find some of the more stubborn dirt stuck on the floor is not cleaned. Still, handheld vacuum cleaners, basically nothing is wrong.


When it comes to the disadvantages of handheld vacuum cleaners, the most significant disadvantage is the battery life and suction power.

Although a power cord does not bind handheld vacuum cleaners, they must be equipped with a battery for the power supply. The battery capacity becomes the most critical factor limiting the range of the vacuum cleaner. If a handheld vacuum cleaner does not last long enough or even needs to be changed several times to finish cleaning a room, the experience will be horrible.

How to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner?

To choose a handheld vacuum cleaner, you need to look at the specific parameters.
Handheld vacuum cleaners, we need to pay attention to the size of their suction power, range, filter design, brush head accessories, and of course, the weight is also a problem to consider.

1. the size of the suction power can be said to be the soul of a vacuum cleaner, if the machine suction power is not enough, in the face of large areas, large particles of impurities when the cleaning effect will often be significantly reduced, it isn't easy to completely clean foreign bodies. A vacuum cleaner, no matter how complex its function and how trendy its design, ultimately depends on the suction power, only a vacuum cleaner that can clean the ground is a good vacuum cleaner. So the suction power size determines the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner, and the greater the suction power, the better the motor to a certain extent.


The motors used in vacuum cleaners on the market are broadly divided into two categories: ordinary brush motor, mainly for very low-end products; the other is a brushless motor, brushless motor with electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation, technically superior to brush motor. The Brush motor's carbon brushes are easy to wear out, leading to a motor's lower life. Brushless motors have a longer service life, and most importantly, brushless motors can produce greater suction power.

2. If a handheld vacuum cleaner lasts only ten minutes, it is not very practical. The endurance time depends on the battery type and capacity. Although most of the vacuum cleaners on the market are powered by lithium batteries, there is still a significant difference in battery capacity, so when buying and selling, we must pay attention to this parameter and try to choose products with greater battery capacity and longer life, such as those that can last more than 45 minutes in standard mode.

3. Vacuum cleaner multiple filter design is also essential. A good filtration system should keep all the fine dust, prevent it from escaping the machine, causing secondary pollution, and generally use the Hippa filter to filter microscopic dust particles. Also, many vacuum cleaners now include cyclone technology in the dust box, which can generate solid centrifugal force when working, thus separating dust and foreign matter from the air inhaled into the dust box to avoid dust blocking the air outlet.

4. Considering the practicality of handheld vacuum cleaners, manufacturers will be equipped with different accessories, such as Dyson; the same model has several different versions; the most significant difference between these different versions is the number of brush heads features. Therefore, when buying a vacuum cleaner, you must choose according to your needs. If you wish to have a mite removal function, you should choose a brush head with a cleaning sheet sofa, and if you have a large area of carpet at home, you should choose a brush head that is more suitable for carpets.

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