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Easy to resolve indoor dead-end dust, handheld vacuum cleaner inventory|Xclea2021


Room cleaning has always been a concern for everyone, from the traditional broom dustpan to the horizontal vacuum cleaner. Convenient and hassle-free cleaning tools are gradually coming into everyone's life. More and more consumers recognize handheld vacuum cleaners for their lightweight operation and powerful cleaning ability. Handheld vacuum cleaners are equipped with a variety of brush heads to cope with more home use scenarios, and with the built-in battery can even go out of the house to do cleaning for their cars.

At present, everyone's home is generally equipped with a sweeping robot; sweeping robot function is also more and more perfect, more and more intelligent.

However, there are still many limitations of the robot.
For example, some furniture from the ground gap is small, the robot can not enter, such as sofas and another furniture surface also can not be cleaned, including the roof and other high places need to clean the location and a lot or can not use the robot to sweep the garbage also can not sweep and so on.

Sweeping is not sweeping the floor, can use the machine is undoubtedly the place to the device. This time enormous suction, multi-function, multi-scene applicable handheld vacuum cleaner is essential.

The product evaluated this time is - the P10 version of the Xclea handheld vacuum cleaner.


Basic configuration.
1. vacuum cleaner body (motor, dust box in one).
2. 2 extension poles.
3. one large suction head (vertical 90° adjustment, left and right close to 270° adjustment).
4. one long and thin seam suction head.
5. A small suction head.

The overall weight of the vacuum cleaner is relatively light, 2.7kg, and my wife's small arms can easily control it. Although the power cord is long enough to do all the cleaning in a room, we recommend the wireless version, which is fantastic to go anywhere.

There are obvious signs when loading and unloading the dust box, but the damping is too large, and there is no handle or other force application point. Men may have larger hands to hold two parts for disassembly; girls may not grasp the disassembly difficulties. This location needs to be focused on optimization, increase the force point or reduce the twisting damping.

The volume of the dust box is still relatively large, and as a small handheld vacuum cleaner, it is more than enough to complete a simple cleaning job.

The dust filter works well, and the instructions are perfect for direct washing. It would be nice to have a few replacements or a similar small brush to help clean up the hard-to-clean trash on the dust filter.

The only one on the whole vacuum cleaner open light, easy to operate. Plugin the power a push and pull to complete the work of the switch.

The main accessories are shown in the picture above; 2 extension rods without front and back can be combined in any way, free to add can complete the actual needs of 3 lengths.

The main large suction head is equipped with rollers below, the vertical position can be 90 ° free control, left and proper rotation range of about 270 °, daily use of this head can cope with most cleaning tasks.

The long suction head with two extensions to cope with the high room cleaning needs, the height of the available family commercial room should be reached easily, plus the weight of this 2.7kg to complete a top cleaning arm entirely without feeling.

1. Multi-suction head + double extension pole combination free collocation easily cope with 99% of the family cleaning needs;
2. Weight is the only 2.7Kg;
3. Large suction power design;
4. Washable filter is easy to save your mind.

Xclea is an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner supplier, whether you are interested in purchasing our products or not; if you need more details, please contact us. We will reply promptly.