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19 points to consider when choosing an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner | Smart robot vacuum cleaner


Smart robot vacuum cleaner

Indeed, choosing the best value for money always seems to be the right thing to do. However, it is conditional. The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is used in different environments. Each user expects to achieve various purposes (degree of cleanliness, degree of replacement of manual labour, etc.). Each person has other habits and tolerances, and even people's attitudes in the same family are different.

There may indeed be a "best value for money" machine for individuals, but there is no one best value for money sweeper that works for everyone. For you, the same for a sweeping robot does not mean that it is also suitable for him.

It is advisable to choose a suitable floor robot after considering the environment, user habits, expectations, and features of the floor robot, including price, after-sales service, and other factors.
Of course, many people just heard of such things as sweeping robots, hope to use at home, to achieve automatic cleaning, sweeping easier, cleaner, labour-saving purposes. Still, for the sweeping robot, it is not very well understood. Then below, I give 28 things that should be noted and considered when buying a sweeping home robot for your reference.

1. From the demand, the following cases can be considered to get a Smart robot vacuum cleaner.

(1). Now the air quality is too bad, the ground at home a few days without cleaning, full of dust, can not stand.
(2). There are dogs and cats, and their hair is everywhere on the floor, so it's too much trouble to clean up.
(3). The place is prominent, and it takes too much time to clean the floor; it's too tiring; I hope the robot will lighten the burden.
(4). Under the sofa, under the bed cleaning up too much effort, I hope the floor robot to help me to clean.
(5). I want to give my elders something for the holidays, so I'd like to provide them with a cleaning robot to ease their workload.
(6). Other people are using cleaning robots, so it would be a shame if I didn't.
(7). I'm just lazy, and I want to use the robot
(8). I want to build a smart home; how can be missing the floor robot.

2. From the demand point of view, it is not recommended to buy a Smart robot vacuum cleaner in the following cases.

(1). The furniture in your home is expensive and will be damaged when you touch it gently. Or there are many things on the ground that can easily fall. (At present, there is a protection device for the robot to avoid damage to the furniture, but there is no guarantee that it will not touch the table)
(2). I want the floor sweeper to sweep up all the garbage on the floor of my house. (Sweeper is not a vacuum cleaner, it mainly sucks up dust, it can also sweep small particles, but can't cope with large pieces of paper and items)
(3). There are a lot of wires on the ground at home (wires are a problem for sweeping robots, easy to wind up and get trapped)

a lot of wires

3. Need to be clear before buying; what kind of waste do I need the robot to clean?
An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can clean the ground dust and small particles but can not handle others, such as dust on the table and walls. Also, too low under the furniture (below the height of the sweeper), more significant than the width/diameter of the sweeper, is also beyond the reach of the sweeper.

4. You need to understand the classification of the sweeper robot
In terms of the planning of automatic sweeping of the room by the sweeping robot, it can be divided into the traditional random comprehensive type and the planning and navigation type.
Traditional sweeper, its primary mode is in a straight line movement, until there are obstacles, turn an angle and then continue straight ahead. This way is that it looks as if the sweeper is very stupid; one place is not cleaned up to go to another site. But in fact, this way is the traditional way of sweeping the floor for many years. According to the optimization of the algorithm, it can achieve a reasonable coverage rate.
High-grade advanced models can be integrated with many other methods, such as around the column sweeping when encountering cues, focusing on cleaning when experiencing dirtier lots, and many other technologies, peripheral sweeping mode, an etc. better degree of cleanliness and coverage. Considering the frequent use, cleaning the home is also no problem.
Its main problem is that when multiple rooms need to be cleaned, it takes a certain number of days to learn and adapt to ensure that each room is cleaned. Otherwise, it will miss it.

The second way is Xclea - vacuum's H30 Plus Smart Robot Vacuum, which uses scanning, exploring and calculating to get a map of the floor in the home and plan the cleaning. The main feature is that the cleaning process is regular, with a low repetition rate and a back and forth bow cleaning of open areas. Cleaning automatically stops after cleaning once.
The choice of which way to decide, according to the situation in their own homes.
Planning navigation type of sweeping robots with different scanning environments and planning navigation methods, such as gyroscope navigation, wireless carrier positioning navigation, vSLAM image displacement navigation, RPS laser positioning navigation, etc. Theoretically, the most accurate way to scan the surrounding environment by laser scanning.

5. You need to understand the different ways of dust suction port of the sweeping robot
The two different ways of dust entrance. The cleaning way of the sweeping robot, through the fan, to generate suction, the dust into the dust box inside the sweeper. Then there are two ways to enter the channel: the pure suction mouth, relying solely on the fan's suction to clean up; the other is a roller brush type, through the roller brush to clean the ground and then be sucked into the dust box.
No hair entanglement problem characterizes the former, but relatively, to ensure the effect, will increase the suction power, the corresponding noise will be more significant. The latter cleans the dust more thoroughly, but there is the phenomenon of hair entanglement roller brush, while the roller brush also needs to be cleaned regularly.

the different ways of dust suction port of the sweeping-robot

6. Understanding the battery capacity
Battery capacity and sweepable area and working hours, these 3 are roughly proportional relationship, the larger the battery capacity, the corresponding sweeping area and working hours more.
However, not the bigger, the better, the furniture in the room will occupy a lot of areas, and some parts can not be cleaned so that the actual sweepable size will be much smaller than the floor space. In terms of the current single-floor area in China, a general battery capacity of 2500mAh to 3000mAh is enough to clean once. Too big is not necessary.

7. Know the warranty period
Free warranty period is also an important consideration; the conventional are one year, there are also two years and three years. Also, note the free warranty period of the battery. Electronic products, the different warranty period is also a reflection of the value.

8. To consider whether there is a requirement for mopping
Currently, there is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with both mopping functions. The mopping function depends on the size of the water tank. The larger the tank, the larger the area that can be cleaned. The mopping function of the floor robot, whether there is a sweeper stop at the same time automatically stop seepage function, is essential.
The choice of mopping function should be decided according to the product characteristics, family conditions and user requirements.

9. Dust box selection
Dust box to see according to their hygiene habits, to see whether the dust box is easy to clean.
From the point of view of cleaning, the dust box to be fully enclosed can be taken out separately, rather than the semi-enclosed, and the fan in the kind of together. Semi-enclosed, dust cleaning is not easy, but the cleaning itself is also complicated and easy to spill when removed; it is not recommended to choose.
The size of the dust box is also a factor to consider, especially for people with pets; a large dust box is necessary, it is recommended that not less than 500ml (0.5L). Not the pet family; this requirement can be relatively lower.

10. suction power and noise of the sweeping robot.
Suction power is an important indicator of whether the ground can be cleaned, but not the more significant, the better; too much will cause noise increase while increasing energy consumption and reducing running time.
Personal experience that suction should be at least greater than 1000Pa, less than this value cleaning cleanliness will decline, such as individual small particles or short hair can not be absorbed. Of course, different families have different perceptions of cleanliness. If the maximum should be 2000Pa to 3000Pa is enough, too large, the noise is also to be considered.
The noise of a sweeping robot is generally lower than that of a handheld vacuum cleaner. However, if the suction power of the robot reaches 3000Pa or more, the noise will likely be more unbearable for people in the vicinity. After all, the robot will be around for some time to continue cleaning. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose when people are no longer sweeping or going to other rooms.
Some sweeping robots have multi-grade suction options, and it is a way to choose a lower grade while maintaining essential cleanliness.

11. Whether there is an automatic recharge function and whether the automatic recharge is reliable
Automatic recharging means that the Smart robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging stand for charging. This situation or planning type sweeper cleaning or sweeping robot power is reduced to a specific value (generally 20%) when the robot is automatically back to charge.

12. Timed cleaning function
This means that you can set a time for the Smart robot vacuum cleaner to start sweeping from the charging stand and then return to the charging stand automatically when it is finished. This can be set to clean during the day when you are at work, then it can be done automatically, and you don't have to hear the noise.
With the APP control function of the sweeping robot, you can generally set the timing through APP, more convenient and flexible.

13. Single-sided brush or bilateral brush
The vast majority of sweeping robots have side brushes. The side brush is located on the side of the sweeper, and by turning, the dust and garbage on both sides will be swept to the middle and then sucked into the dust box. Some robots are equipped with one side brush; some have one on each side, two in total. The cleaning area of the double-sided brush will be larger; our Smart robot vacuum cleaner is a double-sided brush, personally is relatively like a double-sided brush sweeper.

double-sided brush Sweeper

14. Filter method and quantity
The principle of the sweeping robot is to use the suction generated by the fan to absorb dust to the dust box, so the dust box is in the middle of the duct, so there are filters to soak in the dust and other dust left in the dust box while allowing clean wind flow out, to produce suction.
Given the current air conditions in the country, double filtration is a must, and triple filtration is even better. The conventional double layer filtration is screen + hippa, while the triple-layer filtration is screen + sponge + hippa. As the sea hanky is a consumable, it can not be washed; if dirty, it needs to be replaced, so three layers of filtration will reduce the consumption of sea hanky, saving money.

15. Whether there is a virtual wall
A virtual wall, generally speaking, is a virtual wall, then when the sweeping robot walks here, for it is as if a wall here can be used to isolate the cleaning area.
There are two types of virtual walls, emitting and magnetic strip. The former has a small footprint but requires batteries to supply power. The latter is a strip, no power supply, but need to be attached to the ground, easy to affect the beauty of the environment.

16. Whether it has networkable, can be placed APP control function
Through the manufacturer-specific APP, or similar to the Jingdong Weilian, Ali Intelligence, such as general APP control sweeping robot, for various settings. And most of them can remotely start the comprehensive robot work.

17. Whether with APP real-time map display (path or sweeping coverage)
Now the planning and navigation of the actual robot can display a real-time map, can clearly show the cleaning situation.

APP real-time map display

18. Whether with zoning cleaning function
You can specify the area to be cleaned. If there is a designated cleaning function, then it will make the use more convenient. Some families may need this.

19. Whether there are APP additional functions
For example, show the running time, battery life, consumables consumption and other indicators.

Overall, the Smart robot vacuum cleaner is an intelligent floor cleaning tool that can automatically clean and clean dust and small particles. It is suitable for regular use, thus organizing the home floor and reducing human labour and time. Due to the limited size of the dust box, it is not very suitable for large-capacity waste disposal.

Overall, according to your home situation, cleaning habits, use requirements, and considering these points above, I believe you can buy a sweeping robot that meets your needs. Although due to the limitations of the current technology, it can not wholly replace manual labour. It can also replace many heavy manual deliveries, especially appropriate for their health, busy work, time constraints, more appreciate the benefits of it.

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