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An smart home clean robot that can simultaneously sweep and mop the floor and automatically wash the mop cloth is reliable; talk about my personal experience.


Smart home clean robot

The machine is white, the base is like our copy machine, there are three buttons on the top, short press the button, you can come out of the water, and then press again, sucking sewage. Open the top cover, equipped with a sewage tank and transparent water tank; the bottom is the cleaning tank, the rag is here to clean. Then is the host, the host itself comes with a water tank, but here you need to add pure water. Please don't rush to use it for the first time; you need to wait for six and a half hours to be fully charged before using it.

Compared to other Smart home clean robot, it must have something "superior".

1. rag is dirty, automatically back to the warehouse cleaning. The Smart home clean robot wipes an area after the voice broadcast, back to the cleaning base, the base is the particles + tendons bit scraping structure, just like when we wash dirty clothes, first to the nooks and crannies singled out. The floor is a particle + ribbed scraping structure, just like when we wash dirty clothes, first picking out the nooks and crannies and rubbing them together, then scrubbing them again and again on the washing board. Wash clean, then go back to the next area to continue cleaning; if found in the cleaning power shortage, go back to the total charge and then back to the breakpoint renewal sweep. So here to remind everyone, after each use of the machine fully charged, just in case.

Smart home clean robot

2. will wash their rags and sweep and mop simultaneously without having to replace the module. Now most robots are required to sweep and mop separately after replacing the module. Take my home 80 square feet; alone cleaning takes about 40 minutes, mopping takes about 1 hour—the overall down 1.5 hours. In the middle, the module needs to be replaced manually.
Smart home clean robot sweeping, mopping and washing in one robot, the overall down about 1 hour to complete. The time is secondary, is to replace the module without manual involvement in this, or very "friendly", can "a lazy in the end" la.

3. 9.8cm ultra-thin body. Now there is visual navigation and LED navigation, and the latest LDS navigation technology. Say you can understand, is the optical navigation machine is no protruding place, is a flat, through the camera to see the world. It looks like a compelling technology, through the visual recognition module to draw a map to plan cleaning routes, but at this stage is not mature enough, its advantage is the thin body, Smart home clean robot with ultra-thin thickness, you can freely enter and exit the space of more than 10 cm, a small body has a lot of energy.

9.8cm Ultra-thin Smart Sweeper

4. Constant temperature humidification mop, even hydration. The host itself comes with a water tank, can realize the mopping while wetting the mop, there will be no more dry embarrassment. Wet mopping is from far to near, will not be the front wipe the place to step dirty. The Smart home clean robot's cleaning is still good, sweeping and mopping at the same time, saving time costs. The most common thing on the floor is hair, followed by snack crumbs eaten by children, then soup, drinks and stepping out of the shaped sugar juice; clean up is very waist. The sweeping robot can easily pocket it all. And the machine can clean the rag itself; really, technology changes life ah. The cleaning of my house is now entirely dependent on the robot, so when the time comes, we are not home, it can also clean on time. Although we still find a day each week to wipe the nooks and crannies with a rag, it's not a problem, and it's much better than the 1.5 hours of squatting and wiping every day.

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The above is my share, and I hope to bring a little help to you in the waiting period.