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What is the technology of Smart Floor Cleaning Robot's trinocular LIDAR matrix?


Smart Floor Cleaning Robot

The actual era of intelligent floor cleaning robot should be calculated from the official introduction of LDS LIDAR-based SLAM navigation technology. Since the application of LDS LIDAR to floor cleaning robot, all the Smart Floor Cleaning Robot that we can see based on this technology.

The top cover of all the Smart Floor Cleaning Robot based on this technology has a raised protective covering, and under the body is a 360° rotating sensor.

So much so that for a long time, we intuitively distinguish what kind of navigation technology is applied to the floor cleaning robot by the appearance of the top cover to determine, there is a bump based on LDS LIDAR SLAM navigation technology, no spot is either gyroscopic local planning, or camera-based vision vSLAM navigation.

Exterior design:

Xclea Smart Floor Cleaning Robot & other brands

First look at the appearance of Xclea Smart Floor Cleaning Robot and other brands (brand 1) vacuum cleaner comparison, you can see the Xclea Smart Cleaning Robot's top cover raised LDS LIDAR, before, because of the existence of LDS LIDAR, making this type of floor sweeper The height of the robot body can not be thinner, usually the height of less than 12cm bed bottom, sofa coffee table bottom is challenging to enter. The risk of being stuck is very high.

But the thickness of the Xclea robot body is thinner.
Then look at the appearance of the brand two sweeping robots and xclea robot comparison, this machine is based on the camera vision vSLAM navigation technology, a high-definition camera designed on the top cover, by shooting the environment image information and real-time processing of data, to achieve positioning and navigation, using this type of technology sweeping robot usually body will be thinner. Still, there are issues involving image privacy, in addition to navigation. The ability to navigate is also slightly weaker.

LDS Lidar & Vision vSLAM

Xclea Smart Floor Cleaning Robot is only a little thicker than this visual vSLAM navigation technology sweeper from the body thickness.

One LDS LIDAR + two OLS LIDAR design, thus forming a trinocular LIDAR matrix, hidden LDS LIDAR using dToF scanning technology, with a sampling rate of 2080 points / second, nanosecond speed operation, can quickly and accurately build a house map; forward solid-state line LIDAR can accurately and rapidly identify various obstacles on the floor, and the data The lateral solid-state line LIDAR along the wall sensor is a change from the traditional infrared along with the wall sensor or ToF along with the wall sensor point-to-point scanning mode to a 110° fan scan perpendicular to the ground to judge the lateral environment more intelligently, to achieve more efficient around the obstacles while also ensuring the cleaning efficiency as much as possible.

Dust box, water tank, mopping module, three separate modules, from the product description, Smart Floor Cleaning Robot's dust box and water tank capacity are not small, including the dust box capacity of 500ml, water tank capacity of 520ml, with this parameter I compared a variety of mainstream sweeping robot on the market, found that the market can reach this data I was curious about the internal design of this machine, after reducing the thickness of the body and hiding the LDS LIDAR, it can also be stuffed with two such large capacity dust box and water tank, in the structure optimization should be a lot of effort.