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Do Automatic Dust Collectors look only suction power? Three significant points to help you choose!


Automatic Dust Collector

If you want to choose only one cleaning tool for your home, then a cordless vacuum cleaner is a good choice, whether for the ground, walls or crevices, by adapting different brush heads to get the job done.

There are so many brands and models of cordless vacuum cleaners. Do you look at the suction power when buying? The suction power of a cordless vacuum cleaner is not the only indicator to choose. So today, I will take XCLEA's Automatic Dust Collector as an example and divide the critical points of wireless vacuum cleaners into three major points and nine minor points to talk to you in detail.

First. Cleaning ability.

The cleaning ability of the wireless vacuum cleaner mainly depends on three points; one is the suction power to be significant so that you can ensure the clean Suction, the second is the suction power lasting long time use suction power will not decay, three is to see whether there is a mopping module can achieve suction drag one.

one, suction power size.
As a wireless vacuum cleaner, in the case of a slight difference in volume, the size of the suction power is basically to see the speed of the brushless motor; generally speaking, more than 80,000 rpm can be called a high-speed brushless motor.
Automatic Dust Collector features an advanced 100,000 rpm digital brushless motor and multi-cone duct technology that increases energy efficiency to 36%. The higher energy efficiency ratio gives the vacuum cleaner more suction power, longer battery life, and lower noise. The higher energy efficiency ratio gives the vacuum cleaner more suction power, longer battery life, and lower noise with the same motor power.

Two.Lasting suction power.
In addition to fast speed suction power, the lasting suction power of the wireless vacuum cleaner is also significant, and this time it depends on whether the wireless vacuum cleaner has a multi-cone cyclone design.
Simply put, the multi-cone cyclone design is designed to separate the dust and gas sucked into the vacuum cleaner, thus ensuring that the dust does not clog the filter to provide the lasting suction power of the vacuum cleaner, so theoretically, the more cyclones, the better the separation effect.
However, the number of common cyclones is about eight cones, and more than ten cones are rare. One is because of the small space inside the vacuum cleaner, and the other is because the increased number of cones must be matched with a higher speed motor to maintain the suction power.
Automatic Dust Collector with ten cone cyclones provides Better dust and air separation.

The 10-cone cyclone provides

Three.Suction and towing in one.
No matter how powerful and durable the Suction is, traditional cordless vacuums (including Dyson) can only achieve the function of vacuuming, which is equivalent to replacing the role of a broom when cleaning the floor.
XCLEA's Automatic Dust Collector can achieve two functions of vacuuming and mopping at once after adding the mopping module, further reducing the amount of labour in cleaning the ground.

Second, the range of capacity

The endurance of a Automatic Dust Collector is also divided into three parts, one is the battery life, the second is the size of the dust box, and the third is handheld fatigue.

1. battery life.
Battery life determines the length of single-use of a wireless vacuum cleaner after a full charge. The battery part of the single duration of at least 40 minutes to be considered passable, and excellent then at least to 60 minutes.
In addition to the long battery life, XCLEA's Automatic Dust Collector battery is removable. So there is no need to worry about discarding the whole vacuum cleaner because of battery decay, while products with similar design are usually in the price range of about $600 (Dyson V8 and V10 batteries are also non-removable).

2. Dustbin size.
In addition to the battery life to give a wireless vacuum cleaner dust box can not be too small; otherwise, the cleaning process over and over again pouring garbage that can not stand.
XCLEA's Automatic Dust Collector is designed with a dust box of 0.65L, which can fully support me to complete a whole-house cleaning and then dump the garbage.

3. Handheld fatigue.
Finally, we will talk about the handheld fatigue degree of the wireless vacuum cleaner. In addition to ground cleaning, the wireless vacuum cleaner can also be handheld for high cleaning.
So the weight naturally can not be too heavy, XCLEA's Automatic Dust Collector host weight of 1.65kg cleaning high places for about 10 minutes personal feeling not too tired.

1.65Kg Automatic Dust Collector

Third, human-computer interaction.

In terms of human-computer interaction, I feel that Automatic Dust Collector are also three points, one is the applicability of the scene, the second is the convenience of cleaning, three is the convenience of operation.

1. Scene suitability.
Wireless vacuum cleaners can use the main brush head to clean the ground. Other auxiliary brush head types and numbers can increase its multi-scene applicability, making the wireless vacuum cleaner more practical.
At present, P10 and P10S have the same supporting brush head. In addition to the main brush head, there are four brush head accessories: mite brush head, crevice head and brush head.
(1) mite brush head.
Mite brush head I generally used to clean the bed and pillows after cleaning the dust box with various acceptable garbage. Therefore, it can be said that the existence of the mite brush head dramatically reduces the probability of dirty mattresses and pillows.
(2) Crevice suction head.
The crevice suction head can be used to clean various narrow crevices, such as window edges, car and home corners and other hygiene corners that are usually easy to miss.
(3) Brush head.
A brush suction head can clean relatively sensitive items on the floating dust, such as keyboards, bookshelves, ornaments and so on can use the brush suction head to get.
(4) Extension hose.
The extension hose can be used with the crevice suction head, brush head for more detailed cleaning, and the extension hose can also avoid the heavy feeling of holding the vacuum cleaner for a long time.

2.Convenience of cleaning.

Washable vacuum cleaner

The ease of cleaning is mainly about the difficulty of cleaning the machine itself; after all, no one wants to spend a lot of time vacuuming after using the vacuum cleaner.

XCLEA's Automatic Dust Collector's dust cup and internal components are all removable and washable, so I can easily clean it thoroughly. (Dyson V8 and V10 dust cups are not removable)

3. ease of operation.
Finally is the ease of operation. I think the appliance design should follow a powerful but straightforward process. Otherwise, a complex operation challenging to get started with electrical appliances must not be very high frequency.
Especially the lock key design is convenient after the lock key is turned on and release the trigger key can also continue to vacuum, can be said to be very humane a small detail, and Dyson V8 and V10 no lock key, so when using the trigger key must always be pressed.
Dyson, as a wireless vacuum cleaner, old brand cyclone cone number is indeed the most. Still, suction power, life and human-computer interaction have gradually been Chinese brands to catch up.

If you want to get an Automatic Dust Collector, you can buy it according to the three main elements I have summarized, in addition to Dyson; in fact, many Chinese brands are also excellent.Welcome to consult and order!