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Mopping and vacuuming robot - XCLEA H30 Plus review report


Although there are more and more floor sweepers, the AI level behind them varies greatly, so it's no wonder that many users are complaining that "this is not artificial intelligence, it's simply artificial retardation!" But we do not have to say in a nutshell that all floor sweepers are not smart enough.

How about a Mopping and vacuuming robot?

Take my current XCLEA intelligent dust collection sweeping and mopping robot H30 Plus; the function is quite complete. The degree of intelligence is also very high, and the suction power is also quite immense, which can significantly reduce the pressure of human cleaning. The XCLEA is a newcomer in cleaning in recent years, and this product has made a stunning appearance in Times Square in the United States.

xclea in Times Square, USA

Last fall, the U.S. crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and successful crowdfunding, more than 700 supporters to buy the bill. I think compared to the traditional Mopping and vacuuming robot, the most significant advantage of this is the function of intelligent dust collection, self-unloading base with a 3L large dust bag, you can deal with a few weeks or even once a month, very worry-free.

Mopping and vacuuming robot for sale

What accessories are included in the Mopping and vacuuming robot?

The set is divided into two main parts: the mopping and vacuuming robot body and the dust collection base station. After opening the box, in addition to the mopping and vacuuming robot and the base station, there are also a relatively large number of accessories, including a mopping module, dust collection bag, power cord, and instructions.

In addition to the regular mopping cloth that can be used repeatedly, there is also a disposable mopping cloth, which can be used for some filthy scenarios.

Mopping and vacuuming robot Accessories

The design of the base station is a relatively simple style, with the cover at the top. To facilitate the opening, there is also a special opening designed. When opened, you can see that a dust collection bag has been installed at the factory.

Specialized openings

When the dust bag is complete, the base station will send a signal and then replaced it with a new dust bag on OK; the whole process is still relatively clean, than the traditional sweeping and mopping convenient machine cleaning a lot.
There is also a small brush on the side for cleaning each accessory; the artistry and materials are not bad.

This dust collection base station is compared to the traditional sweeping towing machine charging base station; as the name implies, the most significant difference is the addition of a dust collection module.
In the sweeping towing machine back to the base station charging at the same time, you can also suck the dust into the dust collection bag, coupled with the deodorization technology of the living oxygen bacteria, basically a month a chance to save a lot of worries.

What are the characteristics of a Mopping and vacuuming robot?

The round design of the whole machine is also more convenient to move and turn, and the creation of the front double sweeping brush + 2700 Pa suction power can achieve a powerful broad effect.
In addition, as the positioning of the flagship product, XCLEA H30 Plus configuration, is still relatively high, the conventional anti-collision design is undoubtedly a must.
The side of the sweeping and dragging machine has a rich infrared sensor module, which can be "smart" to find the base station and sense the surrounding obstacles in advance.
At the same time sweeping and mopping one design can also make this machine once to get the sweeping + mopping needs. Of course, if you are not in a hurry, it is generally recommended to sweep the floor first to complete the mopping to achieve a deeper level of cleaning effect.
The laser navigation system of the LDS protruding from the top of the center can make this sweeping and mopping machine very smart.
No longer need to explore the accessible area in the form of "blind collision," but directly with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology to explore the surrounding environment 360 ° in advance and design the most appropriate traversal path.
Including the side also has infrared sensor module, with the machine comes with a real-time map memory, the whole operation of the device more intelligent sense.
And although sweeping and mopping machine such innovative home products tend to be geekier, the designers of Qing Yi also take into account the use of the whole family, so the host comes with three very straightforward buttons, from left to right are "area cleaning," "switch / global cleaning, "and "back to charge." This can be easily operated even by elders who do not use smartphones.

Mopping and vacuuming robot Use experience

Next, let's look at the actual user experience. First of all, the base station is connected to the power supply, and then press the "small house" button on the sweeping and vacuuming machine to let it "back to charge" for charging.
At this point, the power button of the host will start flashing. If you want to jump directly and quickly, you can wait for the power to charge almost after the corresponding button starts working.
But with the cell phone App can achieve more prosperous functions, so here we recommend that you long-press the left and the middle of the two buttons so that the sweeping and mopping machine into WiFi configuration mode.
Then in the cell phone App, according to the tutorial, the connection is OK.
After the connection is complete, you can see the cleaning map of the sweeping and vacuuming machine on your phone, and you can also set the corresponding regional cleaning tasks and spot-cleaning tasks.
The map memory of this Mopping and vacuuming robot supports multiple floors, convenient if you use it in a multi-story house such as a villa.
In addition, you can also set the cleaning suction and mopping water so that we can choose the most suitable match for different cleaning needs.
Next, let's take a look at the actual sweeping effect.
The biggest headache every day is the baby dining area floor; there are often cookie crumbs, bread crumbs; their vacuum cleaner is difficult to get clean, but they also have to use the mop to mop around.
But with XCLEA is really "easy" more, first with the sweeping mode to get rid of large pieces of food crumbs. The area under the sofa in the living room can also be taken care of.

The 39 sensors can intelligently determine whether the height is suitable for the sweeping and mopping machine to drill in and clean, and then "action."
After the thorough process is complete, the sweeper and mopper will automatically recharge and start charging simultaneously and automatically collect dust.
And dust collection when the display also has a countdown, so we know how long we can complete, generally, just 10 seconds to get it done, very efficient.
So comprehensive + dust collection is all done; if you still want to clean thoroughly and then mopping, you can remove the water tank at the bottom of the sweeping and mopping machine; a 250ml water tank is more durable. The water port has a rubber plug to hold; the solidity is still very OK.
Add water; if you have a water purifier can also consider adding pure water or water purification, but in fact, most areas of the tap water are also clear enough.
The Mopping and vacuuming robot will automatically switch to mopping mode when the mopping module is stuck on again.
And in the process of mopping, the whole navigation system still works well, like thick carpets can be dragged along the edge once. And you can notice that because of the excellent design of the shape, the rug itself is not in contact with water damage. The mopping moisture is also more even; clean up the floating dust is very stable.
For the baby eating area, cookies, bread crumbs on the sugar, and tiny crumbs can also be mopped hair way to get rid of the floor and restore the cleanliness of the past. And because the traversal algorithm is more innovative, a variety of table legs, chair legs around can also be covered relatively well, cleaning dead ends are few. After mopping and then drying a few minutes or natural air dry, the floor is clean or very effortless and efficient.
After mopping, then remove the mopping module and wash it, dry it up, and OK.
This Mopping and vacuuming robot has been connected to Huawei HiLink's intelligent life ecology, which can be more convenient to use later.

Overall, the XCLEA H30 Plus experience is still quite good. The most prominent feature is the automatic dust collection design, once a month to pour than the traditional sweeping and vacuuming machine every time you want to clean the dust box after much less effort and hygiene. The XCLEA H30 Plus is also first-rate hardware and software, with the LDS system as the core navigation system that can sense the environment 360° before doing path planning, which is more innovative and more efficient. Plus suction, mopping ability is also good; daily household environment cleaning, especially as a baby daddy and mommy, every day can also be fixed to clean the key areas, very good.