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Carpet pro vacuum cleaner review report - XCLEA P10X Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The packaging and unboxing of carpet pro vacuum cleaner

The outer packaging of the carpet pro vacuum cleaner
The packaging is straightforward, in addition to the center of the product map, only the lower-left corner of the product model and the upper left corner of the glory pro-choice logo, here is a simple sentence, glory pro-choice is the meaning of the glory ecosystem goods, not the glory of their production.

Accessories for carpet pro vacuum cleaners

We'll skip the unboxing process and take a look at XCLEA's accessories. The whole family includes a host, a metal connecting rod, an electric floor brush, an electric mite suction head, a broad flat suction head, a long flat suction head, and a magnetic mopping module and a spare wipe.

Dark sky gray vacuum cleaner mainframe

The main body of the product is a simple one, with a bit of MUJI style. The switch is at the corner of the handle, with a mechanical button, and the damping is OK.
The LED status display of XCLEA is very technological, showing the remaining power and suction level and reminding to replace the filter and complete dust reminder.

Carpet pro vacuum cleaner Technology Introduction.

Before doing the cleaning test, let's take a look at the technical parameters of the XCLEA wireless vacuum cleaner.
①. 125W suction power provided by 100,000 rpm brushless motor.
②. 99.99% filtration efficiency of the whole machine.
③. 65 minutes long life in normal mode.

What is the actual performance of carpet pro vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning test
①. Floor cleaning test


First, look at the daily use scenario, with my most valuable freeze-dried instant coffee instead of the dust in everyday life. As seen by the picture, I am cleaning like the autumn wind is sweeping leaves, very crisp and clean.
Suction and dragging in one test
XCLEA wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a magnetic mopping module, which can be adsorbed behind the floor brush for suction and mopping synchronization.

The first thing to do is wipe onto the water tank, which is connected to the wipe by Velcro, so it is straightforward to install or remove.

▲Place the mopping module with the wipe installed on the floor, and gently pull back the vacuum cleaner with the floor brush against the mopping module to fix the mopping module on the vacuum cleaner.

▲After the mopping is finished, you can easily remove the mopping module by fixing it with your feet and then moving the main body of the vacuum cleaner.

Furniture cleaning
The carpet pro vacuum cleaner cleans the floor and replaces the suction head for cleaning other locations, and it is straightforward to replace the brush head.
The brush head can be easily removed by lightly pressing the button on the end of the suction head.

▲At the same time, you can install the brush head to the vacuum cleaner by pressing the button at the end of the brush head and inserting the brush head into the front of the central unit.

Cabinet cleaning

▲ The cabinet inside is inevitably used for a long time by a lot of dust, and it is still very convenient to switch to a broad flat suction head to clean the cabinet and other furniture drawers at home.

Clean the mattress
The most important thing is that it is not only the body's dander and hair on the mattress but also creates conditions for the breeding of dust mites, and the harm of dust mites need not be mentioned in detail.

Clean the mattress

Suck the hair out of the bed

The actual power consumption is 34%, and the official claim of robust suction mode is 10 minutes, The data is true.
The new product will be available in a variety of sizes and sizes.

The dust bin cleaning
▲XClea adopts the standard one-touch dumping design on the market, and the dust can be dumped out by pressing the dust bin switch, and the dust will not come into contact with the human body during the whole process is more safe and hygienic.

The way of storage
XClea provides a non-destructive wall mounting bracket attached to rigid walls such as tiles with its double-sided adhesive. Floor brackets can also be purchased in stores.
▲In addition, XClea also provides an accessory storage bag, which can be included in the storage bag to ensure the tidiness of your home.

Wall fixing bracket

                    Vacuum cleaner in storage bag

Storage bag

The XCLEA carpet pro vacuum cleaner, on the whole, is entirely satisfactory. Its long 65-minute battery life and 1.65kg mainframe make it easy to clean the whole room, and the suction head meets daily needs.