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XCLEA Automatic mopping robot review


XCLEA Automatic mopping robot can mainly solve the problem of packing garbage

The XCLEA Automatic mopping robot is the best solution to the problem of packing garbage. In daily use, the robot will regularly clean the room floor for you, can recharge itself. However, most users also still face an inevitable embarrassing operation. When the robot dust box full bin, we need to frequently for its manual cleaning, said this step operation could not be directly omitted? The XCLEA Automatic mopping robot H30 Plus we experienced today is a sweeping robot that will "pack" its garbage. Without further ado, let's get going.

Automatic mopping robot appearance and accessories

Compared with other similar products, the XCLEA Automatic mopping robot H30 Plus is a "big" package. This is mainly because it has an additional "dust collection station" in a separate box. Accessories, XCLEA mopping robot H30 Plus is not as complicated as expected; in addition to the main robot and dust collection station, the package also comes with a mopping cloth, spare filter, towing plate, power cord, dust collection bag, and instructions and other accessories, are full of dry goods.

Appearance of Automatic mopping robot

Accessories of Automatic mopping robot

Automatic mopping robot H30 Plus

Although the XCLEA robot is not very different from other products on the market in design, its body size is a little larger. The body is 350mm in diameter and 98mm thick, which is a "big guy" in the same category. In terms of design, XCLEA Automatic mopping robot adopts a minimalist design style, the surface of the body uses a similar "piano lacquer" material process, except for the edge of the "silver ring" decoration, the whole machine The surface of the body is made of a material similar to "piano lacquer." But for this "minimalist" design style can also be better integrated into various decorative types.

Minimalist design Automatic mopping robot

LDS navigation

Automatic mopping robot with advanced LDS navigation and rich configuration

As a sweeping and mopping robot with an LDS laser navigation solution, the XCLEA robot can detect the surrounding environment in real-time with 360 degrees through the top rotating probe combined with various sensors on the body. In addition to the raised sensor probe on the top of the body, there are also three physical buttons on the side, making it easy for users to operate the robot directly without a phone.

Looking around at the side of the XCLEA robot, it is easy to see that the number of visible "probes" on the body of this product is a "lot"! According to the official data given, XCLEA Automatic mopping robot has 39 built-in sensors of various types; in such a large number of sensor support, the sweeper will become more "smart" up when working.

Multi-sensor sweeping robot

Bottom sensor

In the bottom of the front of the sweeping robot body, we can see the universal guide wheel and height sensor, but also can see the left and right sides can be set up a charging contact. After consulting the manual, we know that the sweeping and mopping robot can support the charging method provided by the dust collection station and support charging pile charging. According to their different use environment and habits for optional, such design is relatively humane.

Large dynamic speed control side brush

In addition, there are two sizeable dynamic speed control side brushes on each side of the bottom body. Many people may be confused about the "single brush" and "double brush" program of the sweeping robot when they see here; which one is better? There is no absolute good and evil because each sweeping robot's work, body size, intelligent algorithms are different; single and double brush program selection depends mainly on the all-around performance of other bodies. So those so-called "double brush will mess up the clutter," "single brush efficiency is low" statement is not absolute.

Large size power wheel

With its "big head," body is matched with a pair of large power wheels. Its wheel edge is made of non-slip material, with a staggering touch design, maximizing the friction between the power wheel and the ground. In response to the smooth fabric of the environment (such as tiles, etc.), it can effectively avoid machine slippage and other situations. In addition, the power wheel bracket has specific elastic contraction properties, which can play a particular shock absorption and support for a complex ground environment.    

At the bottom center of the machine, we can see the floating main brush of the XCLEA Automatic mopping robot. The floating design will allow the central meeting to fit better with the floor, thus increasing the cleaning efficiency. The XCLEA robot's brush is made of a dual material solution of fibre and silicone, which can be used in various floor scenarios, including floors, tiles, and carpets. It can be reused by washing and drying directly when cleaning.

As a "self-collecting" sweeping and mopping robot, we are less likely to take out the dust box in daily use, but as an experience, Dawn still wants to share the details of the product with you here. By pressing the buckle on the dust collection box at the end of the body, we can directly pull out the dust box located on the backside of the body. Unlike many similar products, the dust box of the sweeping and mopping robot uses a "water tank + dust box" integrated design, which includes a 300ml dust storage space and a 3L water tank in two parts. We can take out the top filter (HEPA); the dust box can also be seen on the backside edge of the water fill plug protection cover.

When there is a need to mop, we need to install the tray to the bottom of the dust box in advance. There is an official washable mop and several disposable mop cloths available. Here we need to mention the "micro-level intelligent electronic control system" of the sweeping and mopping robot; the system's role is mainly to control the speed of water flow in the water tank to avoid causing too much water residue so on. In addition, with the support of the system, the 3L water tank has a single work efficiency of nearly 250 square meters.

Automatic mopping robot wet mopping test

In the wet mopping test, the mopping effect of the self-collecting dust sweeping and mopping robot is quite good. Thanks to the self-weight pressure of the body, the damp mopping can play a specific cleaning effect, and there is no excessive water residue throughout.

How is the dust collection station of the Automatic mopping robot designed?

After talking about the robot's main unit, let's take a look at its dust collection station. Although it is a dust collection station, its head is not as big as I thought, the body is white and equipped with a silver protective cover, the front of the body also has a touch screen that can display the value of the charging status of the sweeping and mopping robot, long press can directly open the dust collection operation.

In the cabin at the bottom of the dust collection station, we can see the charging contacts on the left and right sides, as well as the central dust collection inlet. The dust collection station will open the dust collection program according to the user-set vacuuming frequency and also charge the dust collection robot at the same time. In addition, the soft rubber ring around the edge of the dust collection port can also play a certain closed effect to avoid excessive dust outflow.

Protective cover that can be opened manually

The top of the dust collection station is a manually openable protective cover, which has a distinct damping sensation when opened due to the dust-proof rubber strip on the edge of the cover. After opening it, we can directly see the dust bag placed inside, as well as the cleaning brush next to it. Inside the protective cover is printed a diagram of the dust collection bag replacement process, which is very thoughtful. In the design principle, the dust inhaled by the dust collection station will directly enter the dust collection bag, and the airflow will first enter the cabin and then be discharged through the "Oxybacteria Deodorization Technology" to avoid secondary pollution.

The process of replacing the dust collection bag is also very simple. First of all, we need to lift the white plastic pull ring above the bag mouth to seal the bag mouth. After that, the bag can be removed by lifting it again, and the reverse operation is the installation process of the bag.

Automatic mopping robot intelligent linkage experience

In terms of intelligent linkage, the robot not only supports its own APP operation but also supports the Huawei HiLink whole-house intelligent ecosystem, which users can choose to adapt according to their own intelligent framework. Dawn here demonstrates XCLEA's own APP operating interface.

APP operation interface

Unlike the "fancy" design of many products on the market, XCLEA Automatic mopping robot's APP interface is very simple. The home page directly shows the full scan of the robot's working environment, and the three data of remaining power, cleaning time and cleaning area are displayed at the bottom of the home page. Next to that, there are several options, including map management (virtual wall, partition editing, custom mode, custom order), suction control and other main functions. In addition, we can also make more detailed settings for the robot and dust collection station in the "Settings" option, including regular cleaning, consumables view, voice sets, OTA upgrade, and remote control mode, etc., with almost zero difficulties in operation.

Automatic mopping robot experience

With the LDS laser probe and DyNavi intelligent full-scene planning system, the XCLEA robot can really achieve the general intelligent cleaning experience of a "robot." When it has done a floor cleaning, it will remember the details of the scene at home, and even if it needs to recharge during the cleaning process, the intelligent breakpoint renewal function allows the charged mopping robot to continue the unfinished work last time.

Thanks to the surging suction power of 2700 Pa (850 W motor power), the actual efficiency of the robot is really not bad. In the actual test, the robot has a good cleaning ability for dust, particles, hair and other ground debris. However, when dealing with hard debris, it occasionally gets "bounced off" by the side brushes. However, with the support of the built-in algorithm, the cleanliness of the floor after several cleaning processes is still very satisfactory.

Efficient floor cleaning

LDS pressure sensing function, together with 39 sensors, 2700Pa surging suction power, dual dynamic speed control side brushes, floating main brush and other configurations, XCLEA automatic mopping robot can easily cope with any complex cleaning scenarios in a normal household. Whether it's an indoor staircase or a complex floor with multiple materials such as carpet, tile, or flooring, the XCLEA robot can handle it with ease. Even when it encounters a 20mm high threshold, it can easily climb over it.

Thanks to the algorithm support of the "intelligent breakpoint renewal function," we don't need to worry about the duration of the sweeping and mopping robot, and they also have a large built-in battery of 5200mAh. In the automatic back-charging performance, XCLEA self dust collection sweeping and mopping robot passed my various difficult tests (repeated multi-point multi-charge test); the results are also obvious, I actually did not once succeed in stopping it from going home.

As the "advanced" form of intelligent sweeping robot, XCLEA robot has the technology not only sweeping and mopping robot itself, in the performance of the linkage with the dust collection station, as well as dust collection effect, sweeping and mopping robot also really meet the current people for "release hands "The purpose of use. Let's not talk about other things, anyway, and I have experienced this "XCLEA Automatic mopping robot H30 Plus" which combines the functions of "floor cleaning, wet mopping, dust collection, recharging and garbage packing." After I experienced this "XCLEA Automatic mopping robot H30 Plus", I don't want to touch the operation of "cleaning the dust box" anymore.

Summary: Advantages of Automatic mopping robot

1. Automatic dust collection: self-collecting dust technology, free your hands; 3L large dust bag, do not eat dust and not dirty hands; anti-bacteria and anti-odour, not moldy and not smelly.
2. Suction and dragging in one: 250ml intelligent control of the large water tank; 2700Pa large suction power.
3. Intelligent navigation system: LDS LIDAR accurate map building; SLAM algorithm intelligent planning; breakpoint renewal sweep; intelligent obstacle avoidance; accurate obstacle crossing.
4. Support access to HUAWEI HiLink, intelligent linkage.
The size of the body is large (there are more configurations, longer range, making the size is relatively slightly larger but more powerful).