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One vs. 3? Xclea Smart vacuum and mop adversarial evaluation


The idea of this evaluation is obvious. Before that, I have not used a wireless multifunctional vacuum cleaner, but there happens to be a mopping sweeping robot, a mite removal instrument, and an old wired vacuum cleaner at home. It is better to take xclea Smart vacuum and mop as an example. See if the multifunctional wireless vacuum cleaner can fight one against 3? Of course, in the process will also pay attention to the use of the xclea experience.
A quick look at accessories

Vacuum cleaner outer packaging

Vacuum cleaner internal accessories

Vacuum cleaner internal accessories unboxing

Smart vacuum and mop are manufactured by Wuxi xclea
With so many accessories, cleaning is attentive!
The specific accessories are also illustrated with illustrations, including the vacuum cleaner body (wide nozzle + host + extension rod), mite removal brush, water tank module, long flat suction, wide flat suction, and a soft brush.

Round 1.XCLEA Smart vacuum and mop v.s 360 S7 sweeping robot

360 Vacuum Cleaner

PK object, 360 sweeping robot S7, two-year extended warranty, no original release.
round1.1 sweeping duel

Vacuum cleaner assembly
The 360 sweeping machine is too convenient and adapts to mainstream speakers. In one sentence, the cleaning time is about 50 minutes. It does not require a workforce. The cleanliness can be given 90 points. Some dust will be missed. There will be many due to the placement of items. Blind corners, artificially set restricted areas can only be square, leaving blind corners.

Restricted by the height of the fuselage and the machine, the sweeper cannot be accessed from many places, such as my home, where the bed bottom is lovely, but the bedside table and TV cabinet will not work.

Since the suction power of Xclea Smart vacuum and mop is more than ten times that of 360, it is also hand-held cleaning, so the cleaning power is really strong, and it can suck for the dead corners of the robot and under the cabinet that cannot be reached.

Therefore, my plan is: sweeping robots to clean daily + xclea vacuum cleaner to clean dead spots of robots once or twice a week, perfect!

round1.2 Mopping duel

In terms of the water tank, the two ideas are the same; the filter element controls the water and the rag Velcro.

Vacuum cleaner velcro

There is a problem with 360; that is, its water output is from small to large, and the water output is a lot when it is dragged to the end, and it needs to twist the rag once. But in terms of cleanliness, since the mopping of the sweeping robot only wets the floor once on the basis of sweeping, it has no cleaning effect, so the really dirty places still need to be manual.
Summary: The water output of xclea is relatively moderate. One way to center is to only use a wet cloth and not fill the water tank, which is fine. The recommended method of use is still: 360 daily moppings + weekly/manual mopping every time it is dirty.

Round 2 XCLEA Smart vacuum and mop v.s Deerma CM 1000

The combination of wired style + 2KG is the biggest slot, and it is quite tiring to get off a bed.

Deerma CM 1000 Mite Cleaner

In the case of xclea, the brush head is very simple, except that the maximum suction power is 24kpa, which is twice that of Delmar's 12kpa and has no other functions.
Delmar comes with UV lights, hot air and other functions, but I am not sure about the effect or significance of this kind of thing.
Summary: In this round, I can't conclude that Delmar has many functions and Xclea has great suction power. The key to the problem is that functions such as ultraviolet light and hot air or even the effect of removing mites are not clear to me.

Round 3 XCLEA Smart vacuum and mop v.s vintage vacuum cleaner

My old-fashioned vacuum cleaner is as old as mine. It is said that I bought it when I was born, but I know that it was actually bought when my father got married. After Xclea bought the house, it officially stepped down and placed it in the basement.

Vacuum cleaner digital display

XCLEA Smart vacuum and mop is much better than the old wired vacuum cleaner in terms of experience. It is wireless, portable, and convenient for corners and ceilings. It is indeed a product that improves the quality of life.
Even if you don't have a floor sweeper or other equipment in your home, just use a dust pusher to clean up, and the vacuum cleaner can still work, that is, suck the accumulated dust in.

Vacuum cleaner carabiner

In addition to sweeping mop heads, other flat suction heads, except for mite heads, all adopt a snap design, which is very convenient.
There is a hidden wire retractor for charging, which is more convenient. The screen can display power, filter level, connection status, etc. The battery life is 65min; of course, you need to consider your gear, the charging speed is not fast, but this kind of product does not require fast charging.

Round Extras XCLEA v.s fly swatter/mosquito killer

Before taking a bath, I suddenly found a fly in the living room. I pulled up the vacuum cleaner and replaced it with a flat suction head. The wind was at the highest wind, and it was sucked in after a few times. Wonderful, any flies and mosquitoes can be handled like this in the future, which is stable and clean.
to sum up
Through 3 PKs, I personally think that xclea is undoubtedly qualified as a wireless vacuum cleaner. Having a wireless charger can improve the quality of life after exploding the old-fashioned wired experience, but it is not as convenient, simple and labour-saving as a sweeping robot in terms of sweeping and mopping the ground, and it is hand-held. The operation can just complement the dead angle and cleanliness of the sweeping robot. The two are complementary, and it is recommended to start with them all. Compared with the mite removal device, the xclea has higher suction power, and the traditional mite removal device has many functions. Whether it is a substitute or not, it is not easy to draw conclusions. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
There is still room for improvement in details. In addition, sucking flies and mosquitoes are really a treasure function. The workmanship of the product is very good in my opinion. Are you interested in this product? Contact Xclea.