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Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops, antibacterial, vacuuming, mopping 3 in 1


In daily life, we often need to use tools to reduce the burden of housework. Still, we feel that the experience and effects of many household appliances are not satisfactory, such as vacuum cleaners that are used more frequently.

Disadvantages of traditional hand-held sweepers
The emergence of hand-held vacuum cleaners eliminates the limitation of electric wires, makes cleaning simple, convenient to use and expands the cleaning area. However, the main body of most wireless vacuum cleaners is designed near the handle, and during use, you need to bend and raise your arms to grasp them, so your hands will feel sore and painful after cleaning.

Dust mopping antibacterial vacuum cleaner

What we need is whether the operation of the sweeper is easy and effortless.

Whether it can effectively meet users' needs is an essential indicator of the production of products, and Xclea vacuum cleaners are like this. Aiming at the characteristics of most women with petite stature and weak arm strength, the emergence of Xclea vacuum cleaner Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops meet household hygiene and cleaning needs. Next, let us share how Xclea Floor Cleaners that vacuums and mops make it easier for women in the cleaning process.

Floor cleaners that vacuums and mops have a super high value.

The appearance of the Xclea sweeper is better than all kinds of sweeper brands currently on the market, and its configuration and performance are among the best in the industry! The vacuum cleaner of this new product shows that Xclea's intention and design strength are revealed everywhere. It can be seen that the appearance of the Xclea antibacterial cordless vacuum cleaner is stunning. Because this silver-gray colour scheme is charming, it is very eye-catching no matter where it is placed at home. The sense of science and technology is strong, and the texture is firm. The combination of the colour of the display and the colour of the drum also looks very advanced.

lightweight vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops more high-tech

As a new product of Xclea vacuum cleaner, it has a strong attraction of 25KPa and a long life of 65 minutes.
In addition, it also has the three functions of antibacterial, dust removal, and mopping. That is to say, the vacuum cleaner can not only vacuum and mop but also antibacterial. It is a proper trinity vacuum cleaner.

Antibacterial suction and mopping vacuum cleaner

Floor cleaners that vacuums and mops also have four healthy antibacterial systems, and the air purification rate reaches the level of air purifiers.

Ionic antibacterial system

Antibacterial water tank and antibacterial cartridge

The air discharged by the Xclea dust collector is the same as the air purified by the air purifier! Eliminate secondary air pollution. It can effectively remove mites and small dust as small as 0.3um. It can be said to be very careful and attentive to details.

Air Purifying Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Visualized body

As one of Xclea's main products on display, you can see the remaining power during cleaning, the suction gear, and the remainder of whether it is full of dust, and pay attention to the condition of the filter at any time. If there is any problem, it will be automatically reminded and replaced immediately, which is very convenient.

Visual body vacuum cleaner

In addition, the Xclea suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner can also interact through the APP, and the calorie consumption can be seen at any time on the mobile phone, which is a very interesting setting. When cleaning, look at your own consumption during cleaning. Compared with normal exercise, it is a stimulating experience for partners who want to lose weight.

As a member of Huawei's HiLink smart ecosystem, Xclea vacuum cleaners have become more and more excellent in intelligent communication, which injects a more powerful source of power for Huawei's smart home. For more industry information, follow Xclea.