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Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner review


Packaging design and accessories of Duo clean vacuum cleaner

How are "large-size" appliances like Duo clean vacuum cleaner packed into a box of this size? This is mainly due to its careful packaging design and the "detachable" solution adopted by the vacuum cleaner itself. The compact packaging not only facilitates storage but also reduces transportation costs.

Duo clean vacuum cleaner unboxing

After opening the package, we can see the vacuum cleaner accessories arranged in a compartment in the box, and each component also has its independent packaging. In addition, the name of each part and a complete picture of the vacuum cleaner are printed on the partition above the box. From the perspective of the opener, my first impression of the product will be improved to a certain extent.

Duo clean vacuum cleaner's accessories

The accessories include the central vacuum cleaner, electric floor roller brush, electric mite removal brush, long flat suction, wide flat suction, water tank module, power adapter, wall fixing box, cleaning brush, and a dust cup filter element and water tank rag. Don't look at this large table, but it's not messy; let's go ahead and analyze it one by one.

Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner host interpretation:

Duo clean vacuum cleaner's main unit

In terms of appearance, it adopts a minimalist design style, the whole body is white, and the fuselage surface uses a matte process, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant while still maintaining product quality. The host part of the Vacuum Cleaner uses the famous "cup" design; the motor, battery, and dust cup are trinity, which has both appearance and practicality.

The whole product has no extra details. In the middle of the circular silver ring above is a hidden visual screen display (the surrounding gap is the air outlet), and the screen cannot be seen when it is not turned on. The only two buttons of the whole machine are placed in the center of the handle, namely the power button and the gear switch button, which hardly have any operation difficulty.

Hidden visual display

It should be noted here that the buckle cover on the top of the machine supports disassembly, and there is an antibacterial rear filter element underneath. The filter element can effectively prevent secondary pollution caused by exhaust dust. This design is also a configuration that many similar handheld vacuum cleaners do not have.

Removable top cover

Below the central unit, we can see the dust cup part (0.65L), which can be opened with one button through the switch at the bottom of the dust box, and it is very convenient to dump the garbage in the dust cup without contact. We need to disassemble and clean the filter screen and filter element in the dust cup from time to time during use. It can be easily removed by holding the air duct and twisting (clockwise). The filter element above it can also be lifted. Take it off quickly.

Here comes the point. The "10-cone cyclone dust-gas separation" design adopted by Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner is the core highlight. In the working process, the vacuum cleaner can use the "tornado" effect created by the multi-cone cyclone, which can effectively separate air and dust, prevent the air duct from being blocked, and have a booster effect. The "housekeeping skills" are different.

Interpretation of the floor roller brush, mite removal brush, and flat brush components of Duo clean vacuum cleaner:

Floor brush detail

Floor brush detail multi-picture display

The electric floor roller brush of Xclea Duo clean vacuum cleaner does not have much "special" design, but the overall level of craftsmanship is excellent. I like the soft air duct design and the "universal shaft" design at the connection between the brush head and the pole, which can play a crucial role in cleaning the corners of the wall and under the sofa during use.

The HL multifunctional roller brush used in the Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner can use one brush head to deal with various floors such as floors and carpets, thus eliminating the tedious process of changing the brush. However, after repeated use, I found that the roller brush and bearing parts did not have problems such as hair entanglement, which is my satisfaction. You can also see that the floor brush of the Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a dust-proof strip around the suction port, which can further increase the cleaning efficiency of the floor brush.

Dust strip vacuum cleaner

In the process of long-term use, we need to clean the roller brush from time to time; here, we need to disassemble it by ourselves. But don't worry, the whole disassembly process is straightforward. We only need to open the buckle on one side of the roller brush to manually take out the built-in roller brush (as shown above). Personally, I am more accustomed to washing the roller brush with water, but I must wait for the roller brush to dry completely before using it again.

Unlike many handheld vacuum cleaners, Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner adopts a "suction and drag integrated design." The water tank mould adopts a non-active water seepage design. The water stored in the water tank can slowly penetrate into the bottom rag through the water outlet hole in the center so as to achieve the wet mopping effect.

Integrated suction and mopping design

When there is a need for sweeping and mopping, we only need to attach the water tank of the Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner to the back of the electric floor roller brush. During the cleaning process, the water tank seepage speed is still OK, and there will be no large amount of water stain retention problems. Here is a small secret. We can add a little disinfectant to the water tank and go through the cleaning process to achieve the three-in-one cleaning purpose of vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting.

Water tank attaches to the back side of the electric floor brush

Like the electric floor roller brush, the "mite removal brush" of the Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner also adopts a similar design, which can achieve the purpose of deep cleaning of the bed and sofa. The principle is to thoroughly clean the fine dust and mites hidden in the fabric through the suction of the motor and the high-speed rolling brush. In addition, the roller brush of the mite removal brush also supports disassembly and washing, which can be easily removed by the buckle on one side of the roller brush, which is simpler than an electric floor brush.

Before using a multifunctional handheld duo clean vacuum cleaner (or mite removal device) like Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner, I, like many people, always felt that there might be more dust on the ground than on the bed, but in fact, On the contrary. After cleaning the sofa, bed and other areas many times, I found that the dust and various fine particles in the dust box are much more than the ground. Recalling that, it is really a feeling of "thinking and terrifying." Therefore, many people also call this wireless handheld vacuum cleaner with a "mite removal brush" one of the "household appliances that can't be separated from the use."

In addition to the electric floor roller brush and the mite removal brush, Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner is also equipped with "wide flat suction" and "long flat suction." Among them, the wide flat suction is more suitable for cleaning similar keyboards, household items, and household items with more gaps. Finally, I can get rid of the painful process of removing the keyboard keys and washing them one by one.

Wide and long flat suction

The long flat suction has more uses, such as the treatment of dust in the corners of sofas, beds, and TV wall grilles and skirting. We can also take the Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner directly into the car for use. The long flat vacuum cleaner can also play a key role in the cleaning process. The wireless handheld vacuum cleaner's "discharged" work advantage is really good.

Functional experience of Duo clean vacuum cleaner:

In terms of body size, the Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner is quite satisfactory. Although it adopts the design of the top-mounted motor, it does not feel too much pressure in the process of holding it with one hand. The design concept and material selection of the product play a big role in it.

Here I want to talk to you about the main feature of Duo clean vacuum cleaner, which is "antibacterial." In detail, duo clean vacuum cleaner has an ion antibacterial air duct, silver ion antibacterial roller brush, ion antibacterial water tank and antibacterial rear filter. With the support of multiple antibacterial protection systems, it is difficult for bacteria to breed in the body or Second spread.

Unlike many machines that use traditional LED displays, the vacuum cleaner's visual screen is not turned on, and you will never know that the screen is hidden underneath. In the power-on state, we can read the suction gear status through the surrounding blue circle (3 gears in total), the number in the middle can display the remaining power, and there are also filter replacements and dust-full reminders below, which is very convenient A design.

Here is also a little bit about the endurance performance of a Duo clean vacuum cleaner. Although products such as wireless handheld vacuum cleaners are used at home for a long time, they can be charged at any time, but battery life is still an important indicator for large-area houses or when cleaning the interior space of a car. Duo clean vacuum cleaner has a built-in 2500mAh * 7 (63Wh) battery, and with BMS battery management technology, it can easily achieve one hour of battery life (1 gear), and the battery life between the three gears is almost halved one by one. For an ordinary residence of one hundred square meters, it is perfectly fine to complete two cleanings with one charge.

The quality of a handheld vacuum cleaner does not depend on its appearance; it is reliable if it has "large suction power." For this Duo clean vacuum cleaner uses a 100,000 rpm brushless motor (385W), coupled with the "10 cone cyclone dust and gas separation" design mentioned above, the energy efficiency can be increased to 36% (compared to the previous generation) ) To achieve 125W suction power and 24kPa vacuum. It can be seen from the above dynamic picture demonstration that rice particles can be efficiently cleaned in the first gear. I heard that peanuts could be easily sucked in the powerful gear (3rd gear)? I must give it a try if I have the opportunity.

HiLink intelligent linkage

Friends who have Huawei and Honor mobile phones will surely be familiar with HiLink. We can realize intelligent linkage with Xclea duo clean vacuum cleaner through the "Smart Life" application on the mobile phone, and then we can observe the working status of the machine, the remaining amount of the filter element, the battery power, and the clean calorie consumption on the mobile phone in real-time. . It is worth noting that the connection is made via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth. Here I want to give it a thumbs up.

Friends who have used wireless handheld vacuum cleaners before may all feel the same. In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, they are scratching their heads for the placement of a wide range of vacuum cleaner accessories. For this, Duo clean vacuum cleaner comes with an accessory storage bag. Most of the accessories can be stored in the bag, which is neat and at the same time can effectively avoid the problem of loss.

Duo clean vacuum cleaner evaluation summary

Duo clean vacuum cleaner

1. 100,000 rpm brushless motor + 10 cone cyclone dust and gas separation design;
2. Has 125W strong suction + 24kPa vacuum;
3. Heavy filtration + quadruple sterilization protection system;
4. Possess a wealth of peripheral accessories to support multi-scene use;
5. As a member of Huawei Smart Life Ecosystem, support Wi-Fi linkage;
6. It Comes with a storage bag.

It does not support a wireless charger

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