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Dyson is no longer "Dyson," you have a new choice for wireless vacuum cleaners.


Why is it said that Dyson is no longer "Dyson"?

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, many people's first reaction is "Dyson," and they even think of the loud advertising slogan: "Dyson is Dyson." Still, now it seems that Dyson's light no longer shines. . There are indications that Dyson's downhill road had already begun in 2019.

Dyson vacuum cleaners

In recent years, Dyson has been criticized by many consumers because of the high price, quality and after-sales problems that cannot match the high cost. GFK statistics show that Dyson's domestic market share in the UK has fallen from 45.8% to 36.4% in the past year, and in the 2020 British Amazon vacuum cleaner rankings, Dyson has fallen out of the top 14 best-selling models. In the Chinese market, ZDC data shows that Dyson's attention in the domestic vacuum cleaner market has dropped from 34.33% in 2016 to 22% in 2019. In the latest statistics for the first half of the year, this data dropped to about 14%.

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China high-end vacuum cleaners - Xclea ONE X's counterattack

Part of Dyson's brilliance comes from the advantage of "the pioneer of the industry." Today, the Chinese vacuum cleaner brand has risen, and dark horses like XCLEA ONE X are chasing after it and challenging it.

China high-end vacuum cleaners

Some consumers have bought a Dyson V11. Although the suction power is strong, the official 60-minute battery life is significantly reduced in the power mode. As an ordinary consumer, it needs to be cleaned in the middle of the cleaning or unexpected accidents. At that time, the vacuum cleaner had no electricity and was very crashing.

And the XCLEA high-end vacuum cleaners ONE X I recently purchased does not have this problem at all. With the suction power of 25kPa and a tie with Dyson, XCLEA can absorb both fine dust and dander or deep dirt. It can absorb and wipe at the same time and work continuously for nearly two hours in the grounding mode. It can clean 300 square meters of space at a time, which is more than enough to meet the daily cleaning of the whole house. After use, lightly lean against the charging pile on the wall for wireless charging, simple storage, and long battery life, making it easy to take and use.

XCLEA high-end vacuum cleaners ONE X components are affluent

Many users favour Dyson's multi-brush head design. Looking at the domestic vacuum cleaner market, there are not a few who can do this. XCLEA high-end vacuum cleaners ONE X is very rich in components, equipped with two suction heads and five brush heads, which can easily cope with different cleaning scenarios. For example, if you change to a mite removal brush, it can be transformed into a mite removal device, relying on powerful suction. , Can beat out and suck out dust mites deep in the fabric, deeply care for the family's health.

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In addition, ONE X has another component that is different from vacuum cleaners on the market-an an automatic cleaning station. As the name suggests, XCLEA ONE X can realize automatic cleaning of the wipes. Just after use, put the vacuum cleaner in the automated cleaning station, turn on the switch, and then hand it over. The triple wiper can be wiped and dried automatically so that it will not be dirty. Hand.

Automatic cleaning vacuum cleaner

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"Dyson is no longer Dyson," Dyson is no longer our only choice. Compared with Dyson, domestic vacuum cleaner brands are glowing, and their strength cannot be underestimated. If you are interested in buying a vacuum cleaner shortly, you can try this XCLEA high-end vacuum cleaner ONE X wireless vacuum cleaner.
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