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ONE X High end vacuum cleaners absorb and wipe together, making daily cleaning easy


A vacuum cleaner that can automatically clean the mop with a wiping unit sounds relatively fresh?

It happens that the Dyson vacuum cleaner at home is about to "retire." I researched the Internet and decided to start with this Xclea ONE X self-cleaning high-end vacuum cleaners. Every time it needs to be cleaned, it will be clean after a few suction. Hair, dust, and mites are all easily solved. In the beginning, I didn't quite understand what it means to "wipe the floor" with a vacuum cleaner. After more than a month of experience, I really couldn't help but praise: the floor is so clean and shiny!

What exactly is a floor cleaner? How is it different from other tools?

It is both a vacuum cleaner and a floor scrubber. The cloth automatically rotates to wipe the ground while wiping while sucking, no need to drag it repeatedly manually.
The difference with the floor scrubber: the floor scrubber focuses on handling wet garbage on the ground, and the floor vacuum cleaner focuses on wiping the floor more carefully and cleanly.
The difference with the mopping robot: the mopping robot is a floor cleaning product, and the mopping vacuum cleaner is a house cleaning product.
The difference with ordinary vacuum cleaners: common vacuum cleaners can only vacuum, and floor-wiping vacuum cleaners have more floor-wiping functions.

High end vacuum cleaners

High end vacuum cleaners,a vacuum box to wipe the floor

We all know that sticky dirt is difficult to be sucked away by a vacuum cleaner. Using this scrubbing brush will first suck up the garbage, such as coffee stains, oil stains, footprints, etc., and then clean it with a cloth. Direct contact with large-particle debris can avoid frequent washing and replacement. In actual use, the ground is a little wet and will not slip.
Replace the vacuum cleaner with a conventional cordless vacuum cleaner. If the room has a separate carpet and encounters stubborn stains on the rug, it is usually a headache, not clean, unsightly and unsightly. The high-end vacuum cleaners with integrated vacuum and floor mode can be quickly done by pressing down with both hands at 270 degrees. This is super convenient! The elderly at home can use it efficiently, saving time and effort. And it has a long battery life, so you don't have to worry about running out of power when you use it halfway. The luxury accessories lineup completes the whole house.

Compared with other cleaning tools, the advantages of high-end vacuum cleaners that integrate dust and floor cleaning are that there are more brush heads and the cleaning range is not limited to the ground. In addition to scrubbing brushes, Xclea ONE X also has electric mite removal brushes, ultra-long flat suction, wide flat suction and multifunctional brush components. The mites on the bedding, the cat hair in the narrow space, the dust in the tiny crevices, etc., which are my most troublesome cleaning dead corners, can all be taken care of. It is worth mentioning that Xclea ONE X is also equipped with a wall charger, which only needs a light touch. It is beautiful and does not take up space at home, and it will not be heavy.
It is particularly worth mentioning that the component that distinguishes Xclea ONE X from other vacuum cleaners is the automatic cleaning station, which is the only way to realize the self-cleaning of the mop. Every time the cleaned mop is filthy, it used to be time-consuming and laborious to wash by hand. Now you only need to place the vacuum cleaner in the automatic cleaning station after completing the floor cleaning work, turn on the switch, and you can wash it with one button, which is equivalent to rubbing with hands for 10 minutes. And it can spin dry quickly and automatically.

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With Xclea ONE X, a vacuum cleaner that can vacuum, wipe the floor and self-cleaning mop, the experience has been refreshed again. I used to think that vacuum cleaners should buy Dyson, but Xclea completely erased my stereotypes. For ordinary household cleaning, both performance and appearance are very suitable.