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Innovative home cleaning, easy home robotic vacuum cleaner


As people’s requirements for the quality of household hygiene and environment are getting higher and higher, traditional household hygiene and cleaning tools have been unable to meet household hygiene needs. Instead, household hygiene and cleaning have become more complicated. So let us take care of household hygiene and cleaning. I am feeling nowhere to start.

What are the features and highlights of an accessible home robotic vacuum cleaner?

Xclea easy home robotic vacuum cleaner, which satisfies the needs of daily household hygiene and cleaning, makes household hygiene and cleaning easier, frees our hands, and can also clean and clean household hygiene.

1. Appearance
The appearance of the Xclea easy home robotic vacuum cleaner is very fashionable. The classic silver and white match gives people a very advanced feeling and meets the aesthetic needs of different people. It is indeed a high-end brand vacuum cleaner under Huawei. The power of this Xclea sweeping robot can be seen in every detail.

easy home robotic vacuum cleaner with water tank

2. Feature highlights
The biggest highlight of Xclea easy home robotic vacuum cleaner is its dust collection station, which is equipped with a 3L large-capacity dust bag. When the sweeping and mopping robot returns to the dust collection station to charge after completing the cleaning work, the dust collection station will automatically extract the garbage in the dust box into the dust collection bag. There is no need to manually clean the dust box.

High-end branded floor sweeper

The unique ozone antibacterial and deodorizing system of the dust collection station can avoid the two significant troubles of mouldy and odorous garbage and bacterial growth. The dust bag is automatically packed when it is full of dust, and the bag is directly carried away, and the whole process is sealed to avoid secondary dust pollution. The 3L large-capacity dust bag can hold about 2,000 square meters of dirt, dust and hair on the floor of the house, freeing your hands, and you can rest assured even if you are away for a month.

Xclea easy home robotic vacuum cleaner has a large suction force of 2700Pa, which can remove dust embedded in the cracks of the floor, and can clean the hair, particles, rice, melon seed shells and dust in the carpet on the floor. It says goodbye to manual cleaning. The disturbing things, the realization of intelligent household hygiene and cleaning so that we no longer worry about hygiene.

Summary: This Xclea easy home robotic vacuum cleaner is perfect in appearance design, intelligence, cleaning function, fashion, etc. The application of technology intelligence solves the problem of our household hygiene and cleaning and makes us feel the technology intelligence Convenient home living environment brought by.