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How to choose a carpet pro vacuum cleaner?


Why choose wireless Carpet pro vacuum cleaner?

The continuous advancement of high technology has brought tremendous changes to our human lives. The era of cleaning and dusting is over, and now many families have begun to use vacuum cleaners at home. The benefits of vacuum cleaners are that they are fast and clean! Once the heavy and awkward giant vacuum cleaner gradually withdrew from people's life arena, the wireless vacuum cleaner is on the stage.

Consumers' common questions about wireless Carpet pro vacuum cleaner

There are so many types of wireless vacuum cleaners on the market; why are the prices so different? What are the criteria for purchasing? Is it as attractive as the advertisement says? Can the battery life be able to clean the room?
For this reason, today, I will focus on the above questions to do an in-depth science popularization for everyone. If you need to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner, I suggest you read it carefully.

What details should be paid attention to when buying a handheld Carpet pro vacuum cleaner?

To buy an excellent wireless vacuum cleaner, there are three points in a nutshell:
1. Suction power
Speaking of suction power, there is a lot of knowledge. The power units of vacuum cleaners are AW (inhalation power) and KPA (kilopascals). From a professional point of view, AW (inhalation power) is more representative. This parameter is often an essential indicator of the performance of a wireless vacuum cleaner.

Motor power of vacuum cleaner

If we explain this suction power scientifically, the suction power is the primary operating efficiency of the vacuum cleaner and can also be understood as the prior performance. It refers to the vacuum cleaner's ability to start working and the maximum air volume and vacuum degree during vacuuming, which is caused by the vacuum cleaner. The inside and the outside atmosphere are poor; the more significant the suction power, the stronger the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

2. Endurance
The battery life of the wireless Carpet pro vacuum cleaner is a problem that must be considered. If the battery life is long, the battery life is generally selected according to the area of the house. Like a Baiping house, the battery life is at least 30 minutes or more. If a vacuum cleaner continues to operate, it cannot be guaranteed. , Then the value of buying a wireless vacuum cleaner is not high.

Motor power of vacuum cleaner

The battery life of the wireless vacuum cleaner will directly affect the user's experience. The length of battery life is determined by the power of the vacuum cleaner and the quality of the battery.

3. Body quality and accessories
These directly affect the comfort of our users, especially women. This is particularly important. As a small household appliance, the current vacuum cleaner is not just a simple vacuum cleaner product for cleaning but also an ornament in the home. Women use vacuum cleaners the most in family life.

Motor power of vacuum cleaner

Therefore, the lightweight design is also essential because the wireless Carpet pro vacuum cleaner with different components has different effects. For example, with the mopping components, it can complete the suction and mopping. Of course, after a long period of development, the wireless vacuum cleaner The function is very comprehensive and can accomplish a lot of work!

I hope the above information will provide academic help for your purchase of a wireless Carpet pro vacuum cleaner.
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