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Huawei Honor best mattress vacuum cleaner won 65 countries in one year.


The market layout of best mattress vacuum cleaner

The best mattress vacuum cleaner is currently a hot market for small household appliances—many business leaders in the layout, such as Xiaomi, Honor, Midea, Haier, etc. Still, the development method of each enterprise is different, which will naturally cause. The result will be very different. Before Huawei sold Honor, it had already begun to deploy the wireless vacuum cleaner industry. It entered this industry in Honor ecology, so there is the current vacuum cleaner brand: Xclea.

best mattress vacuum cleaner

Strength witnessed the miracle, was released for the first time and became a legend.

Xclea released its first wireless vacuum cleaner in April 2020. It adopts an antibacterial design with integrated suction and drag. In the face of the sudden epidemic, although it has caused a significant impact on foreign trade, Xclea still won 64 countries in this time. The vacuum cleaner market has become the strongest ecological brand of Honor Eco. Why is it the most critical environmental product of Honor? In the early stage of Xclea's crowdfunding on Huawei Mall, it broke the crowdfunding record since the establishment of Huawei Mall. It was listed for three months; the market sales exceeded 50,000 units, a well-deserved ecological number one.

Xclea released its first wireless vacuum cleaner in April 2020

Why did Huawei Honor best mattress vacuum cleaner succeed?

The Honor best mattress vacuum cleaner has become a hit overseas because its appearance, suction, battery life, garbage dumping, antibacterial, and many other functions have been upgraded in all aspects. The configuration of a Thousands of dollars vacuum cleaner, The price is around Hundreds of dollars. I think this is why Xclea is so popular.

The long rise of China's wireless vacuum cleaners

With the overall development of the social economy, high-quality life has become more and more critical, and the quality of life is gradually improving. These are the effects of changes in consumption concepts. For the work and life of modern, the demand for small household appliances of residents is increasing, especially in recent years; the development of e-commerce also provides natural soil for the growth of small household appliances. It is in this context that the small household appliance industry is developing rapidly. Taking the market penetration rate of small household appliances in developed countries such as the United States, the European Union and Japan as a reference, although my country's small household appliances are currently proliferating, they account for only 13% of the entire household appliance market, and there is still a lot of room for market development.

The long rise of China's wireless vacuum cleaners

In the role of "developer," he dares to develop some of his own technology products. Whether domestic mobile phones or domestic vacuum cleaners, the development process takes time to accumulate and requires the investment of powerful resources. Only after this long process will everything be better. Recall that more than ten or twenty years ago, facing the entry of foreign solid vacuum cleaner brands into China, Chinese consumers had no choice, but today's Chinese companies have experienced years of accumulation, and domestic vacuum cleaner brands have gradually gained confidence and have primarily got rid of "following." Now in front of the people.