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A vacuum cleaner or a sweeping machine, which one is better to use?


Friends often ask me this question. These two cleaning tools are designed for groups with different needs, so there is no such thing as "which is better to use." It is easy to use to meet your own needs. However, it cannot meet the demand; it is not easy to use.

A vacuum cleaner or a sweeping machine

Comparison of the vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot

1. Vacuum cleaners mainly complete three-dimensional cleaning at home. They are divided into vertical, handheld and bucket vacuum cleaners. They can clean not only the ground but also clean beds, curtains, sofas, and high places. Most of them are for dry use, and a small part can be used for dry, wet, blowing or sucking and dragging together. The characteristic is that it takes time and energy to clean, suitable for people who have plenty of time to clean at home.

2. Intelligent sweeping robot: Mainly complete floor and carpet cleaning, including three types: sweeping robot, mopping robot, sweeping and mopping integrated robot, characterized by intelligence, high degree of automation, without too much effort, suitable for cleaning at home without time, Be a clean office worker.

I have used both of these cleaning tools. When I'm busy, I use an intelligent sweeping robot. I use a handheld vacuum cleaner when I'm at home on Saturdays and Sundays. I think it's better to keep both at home. So now I use two products under the Xclea brand at home-Xclea ONE X floor cleaner that vacuums and mops and Xclea H30 Plus Mopping and vacuuming robot. The combination of the two can indeed bring a better user experience than a single machine.

Xclea ONE X floor cleaner that vacuums and mops experience

Compared with ordinary vacuum cleaners, Xclea mopping vacuum cleaner ONE X collects cordless vacuum cleaners and cordless mopping machines. The powerful suction of 2.5KPa absorbs garbage and wipes the floor forcefully. It is cleaner than wiping with your hands. The point is that you don't need to scrub the mop after brushing. It can be washed vigorously with one button after you put it in the equipped cleaning station. It can be dehydrated quickly and automatically—spin-dry, which is more thorough than hand-wringing directly.

It is equipped with five cleaning brush heads, suitable for daily cleaning of all furniture; it is enough! Therefore, save a lot of cleaning tools and truly solve all housework problems in one machine.

five cleaning brush heads

The advantage of the H30 Plus Mopping and vacuuming robot lies in its intelligence and automation.

Xclea H30 Plus is suitable for scenes with large floor areas and complex terrain. Because it is equipped with Hi DyNavi intelligent full-scene planning system and LDS global planning, the room layout can be remembered in one sweep, and every corner of the ground can be cleaned by it. It does not need to be operated, and the robot can be used to clean up only by commanding the mouth.

In addition, its own cleaning power is also extreme. The powerful suction of 2.7KPa can quickly deal with dust, particles, hair and other garbage. The double-sided brush doubles the cleaning efficiency, and the integrated suction and wipes design make cleaning easier. After cleaning, the H30 Plus will automatically return to the dust collection station to directly suck the garbage in the dust box into the dust bag. The dust bag has a capacity of 3L, so you don't need to do it in a month. Dispose of garbage.