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Do I have to buy Dyson vacuum cleaners?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dyson?

There are also a wide variety of wireless vacuum cleaner products on the market, which is dazzling. Wireless vacuum cleaners represented by Dyson have gone through several generations of upgrades, constantly innovating, and their performance has risen again and again. Still, they have always turned a blind eye to the needs of low-budget users.

It has to be said that as one of the first vacuum cleaner brands to enter the Chinese market, Dyson's deep heritage is worthy of bragging and pride. Due to the brand effect and marketing methods, its brand premium will be severe. When consumers see the price of Dyson compared with other similar brands, the large gap always makes people feel unbelievable. Because of this, the market will always want to find some arguments to prove that China's domestic vacuum cleaners are not as good as Dyson, and Dyson's price is justified.

the advantages and disadvantages of Dyson

Why choose a Chinese brand vacuum cleaner?

But things in the world are often not so complicated. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, many Chinese brands are much more reliable.

Many netizens have the same comments on Dyson. After enduring the pain and buying Dyson, it is easy to use, but because the premium is too high, they have different expectations of Dyson. As the use time stretches, it will not take long for the battery to be durable, the dust cup design is not humane enough, the arms and wrists will be tired when used, and the hair entangled in the movement. Once you realize these, Satisfaction with it will begin to decrease. Until the inner evaluation is low to a certain level, people will feel that Dyson's vacuum cleaner is not helpful. Its actual value is often discounted compared to the matter at the time of purchase. Half.

Choosing a wireless vacuum cleaner is like buying a car. With a sufficient budget, you can choose a high-end luxury brand. In addition to basic transportation needs, it also has many additional attributes such as powerful performance, high-end quality and a distinguished status symbol, while the budget is insufficient. Under the circumstances, we only need to meet the transportation needs that can shelter from wind and rain. Therefore, this time we will not mention the high-end flagship models of wireless vacuum cleaners. We will only talk about whether cheap products can meet our daily cleaning needs. In addition to basic cleaning, are there other additional attributes that can be provided to us?

Is Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops comparable to Dyson?

The Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops launched by Xclea have a leading 120,000 rpm brushless motor and multi-cone wind technology, and the suction vacuum that can be achieved is 25kpa. Whether it is dust or deep dirt, it can be easily absorbed. This figure proves that vacuum cleaners are not inferior to leading brands in the vacuum cleaner industry. In this regard, the gap between Chinese brands and first-line brands is tiny. They are at the same level, but they do not have suitable publicity methods, and therefore they do not. The technique is well known.

Moreover, Xclea mainly uses BMS battery management technology for this vacuum cleaner, which can provide up to 120 minutes of battery life and is equipped with a magnetic wireless charging design, which can be automatically charged with a single tap and is entirely free from space constraints. After use, storage is also convenient. They are equipped with an OLED colour screen and link intelligent linkage. Various data can be displayed concisely and conveniently, and the air purifier can be automatically turned on when cleaning through "Smart Life." Check the calorie consumption during use, etc.

Can I buy a cordless vacuum cleaner that suits me on a low budget?

Yes, but don't have a budget of tens of dollars in your pocket and your expectations for Dyson. Otherwise, you will definitely not be satisfied. This Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops are not the best, but if you are tired of traditional brooms and desire a new and efficient cleaning method, but the budget is not high, then it is a product with very high-cost performance. For specific parameters, please refer to the information on the flow product details page.

This is a video of the Xclea vacuum cleaner in use

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