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Best vacuum mop for laminate floors ,solves a variety of cleaning problems.


The sense of happiness is very subtle. It is often a matter of thought. It is most likely to occur in detail. Just like for people who love cleanliness and tidiness, there is nothing more comfortable for her than a clean floor and neat storage.

It's not difficult to store it, you need to be careful, but a clean floor is not easy to clean. At this time, if there is easy-to-use cleaning equipment to help, such as Xclea best vacuum mop for laminate floors, it can not only clean the floor but also ensure a healthy environment at home and the happiness index will increase rapidly.

best vacuum mop for laminate floors

Xclea's best vacuum mop for laminate floors is the new favourite in this year's vacuum cleaner field. It not only has a beautiful appearance but also has muscular strength. Won many international design awards. As an ecological product of Huawei, its R&D team has muscular strength, absorbs and wipes together, and effectively removes stains, representing the most robust performance in Xclea's flagship model.

Xclea vacuum mop for laminate floors

Vacuum mop for laminate floors has strong power

The vacuum mop for laminate floors is equipped with the latest brushless motor, which can maintain super high efficiency of 120,000 revolutions per minute. The most muscular suction power can reach 135W, and the dust and particles in the house can be easily sucked clean.

Such a strong power, coupled with a unique high-efficiency scrubbing brush, can suck and mop together and achieve efficient cleaning. First, gather the garbage together, and then suck away through the dust suction port in the mop, and the trash is sucked away. The dirt is also cleaned up.

smart micro-control water tank

The vacuum mop for laminate floors has a smart micro-control water tank

The water tank is also an intelligent micro-control water tank, which can accurately control the water output. There is no way to control the amount of water produced by ordinary mops. If the amount of water is too much, it will be no problem to mop the tiles, but it is not suitable for the wooden floor. If the amount of water is too much, it will easily corrode the floor.

The vacuum mop for laminate floors will not give you such an annoyance. Its water tank can control the water output, making drag-and-dry a reality, and it also has three gears that can be adjusted, which can be switched at will according to the actual environment.

After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner can also be automatically cleaned. After cleaning, it can control the moisture by itself. The cleaning effect is equivalent to a manual scrub for ten minutes. Not only can the cleaning efficiency be improved, but it can also avoid secondary contact with bacterial dust due to hand-washing the mop, saving time and effort. Having such caring skills is mainly attributed to its automatic cleaning station. Is this self-cleaning great? These are no longer dreams. Modern technology has the ability to realize it.

Automatic cleaning water tank

In addition to the central cleaning, the vacuum mop for laminate floors is also equipped with many interesting little things, such as mite removal brushes, long flat suction tips, etc. These rich components make it more targeted when cleaning, even if it is not easy to clean. Any place can be replaced with more conventional components for cleaning.

Abundant accessories and mite removal brush

Especially the mite removal brush is too practical for household cleaning. It can be used on the bed, sofa, blanket, plush toys, pillows, etc., at home. Letting fewer mites is good, not bad. Of course, I'm not saying that you don't need to change and wash frequently, but it will be cleaner and healthier.
As the new favourite of this year, the vacuum mop for laminate floors is naturally connected to the ecosystem. Through the "Huawei Smart Life App," you can not only check running data, performance data, calorie consumption and other data at any time but also check what you consume when cleaning. Calorie data makes cleaning more attractive so as to reduce the boredom that cleaning brings to everyone.