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Is the water filtration of a household vacuum cleaner better or a dry vacuum cleaner?

A water filter vacuum cleaner refers to a vacuum cleaner that can use water as a filter medium to moisturize, dissolve, and settle the dust and other garbage absorbed by the vacuum cleaner. It corresponds to an ordinary dry vacuum cleaner. The working principle is that the i vacuum cleaner uses water as a filter medium. When various microorganisms such as dust, garbage and bacteria are sucked through the water tank by strong suction, most of them are dissolved and locked in the water. The dust is wetted by water to avoid the overflow of fine dust during vacuuming; the gas is inhaled through water purification to dissolve allergens, bacteria and other microorganisms. Then, it is further filtered through HEPA, high-efficiency filter cotton, etc., through these three purification systems to ensure the perfect and efficient water filtration. The water filtration technology was originally developed for people who are prone to allergies. It uses water to dissolve and lock dust, particles, allergens, pollen, dust mites, and small microbes to avoid allergies caused by unclean air during vacuuming.
The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is actually one of the water filter vacuum cleaners. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner can not only absorb dust, but also absorb water. The water filter vacuum cleaner is more functional on the basis of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Not only can it absorb water, but it can also absorb more garbage.