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Two-in-one Vacuum and mopping, necessary for cleaning


Buy a handheld vacuum cleaner or a sweeping robot?

If there are not adequately cleaned places in the room, these places will often become sanitary corners. I prefer to hold a vacuum cleaner. If you want to clean the room floor carefully, the traditional method is to vacuum clean the room first and then use the floor mop to clean. XCLEA vacuum mop combo solves the pain points of step-by-step cleaning of the room, and the operation of vacuuming and mopping is two. All in one, significantly reducing the time to clean the room.

Four highlights of vacuum mop combo

Feature highlight 1: The power visualization is integrated into the body design, which is full of technology; you can also install a mobile phone APP for linkage settings to check how many calories are consumed each time the wireless vacuum cleaner is used to clean the room.

Function highlight 2: The included accessory-magnetic wet mop assembly, not only is easier and more convenient to install but also easy to disassemble, wash and clean after use. In actual use, suck first and then drag in the same direction, so there is no need to repeat the cycle operation.

Function highlight three: 350W power, 100,000 rpm brushless motor, which can reach 125AW suction power, which brings stronger performance and higher energy consumption ratio, such as dust and particles as thick as peanuts, in different gears, Can be inhaled down.

Function highlight 4: At present, China's most robust 10-cone cyclone dust-gas separation technology makes the motor's ability to absorb dust and remove mites more stable and lasting.

Advantages of vacuum mop combo

1. The most attractive function of the XCLEA vacuum mop combo is the combination of vacuuming and mopping. It can complete dust removal and mop cleaning at one time, reducing the time and links of operation. It is really a must and favourite for lazy people.

2. Judging from the everyday consumer experience, the vacuuming effect is good, and the maximum noise control under the three powerful gears is also reasonable. You can also check the calories consumed each time you use the XCLEA wireless vacuum cleaner in the mobile APP Clean and exercise.

3. XCLEA suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner, with a rich configuration of motor, filter system, air duct structure, digital screen, etc., modern technology is full of sense, function and design can be comparable to Dyson vacuum cleaners, so it is pretty worth recommending to every one of.

Suitable for multiple scenarios:

1. HL's multifunctional roller brush can be used to clean the floor or carpet, which can effectively clean the dust without tangling hair. It can be used with the water tank to turn on the washing and mopping mode;

2. To clean sofas, beddings and pet mats, you can use an electric mite removal brush, which can also remove mites during the cleaning process;

3. To clean the hair, cotton wool, and snacks on the carpet or sofa, you can use a two-in-one soft brush to quickly absorb it;

4. For corner cleaning and narrow gaps, a long flat suction can be used to prevent corners that are difficult to clean;

5. To clean the keyboard, you can use a short-bristle brush to clean the head; not only does it not damage the equipment, but also the dust in the gap can be easily sucked up.

Multifunctional vacuuming and mopping

In addition to taking care of difficult-to-clean corners, this vacuum cleaner can also achieve healthy and antibacterial properties. It is used to clean up furniture such as sofas, mattresses, beddings, and pillows that are often in contact with the human body. Overall, it is very cost-effective.

Although many vacuum cleaners have a sterilization function, they can sterilize during inhalation and still maintain sterilization after inhalation. It is indeed rare on the market, and the XCLEA vacuum mop combo can do it. Antibacterial materials are added to the body, rollers, water tank, and filter element to truly block the secondary spread of household bacteria.

The strong suction power of 24kPa can easily absorb larger and heavier garbage. The long battery life of 65 minutes is really enough for daily care. Moreover, it has a variety of different cleaning brush heads, which can deal with the cleaning of other items calmly.