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Why use an automatic dust collection and sweeping robot?


What is the biggest problem with using a Sweeping and mopping robot?

If you ask a question to the user of the sweeping robot: what is the most significant trouble in daily use? It is estimated that many people will think of an answer, and that is to clean the dust box.

Because the overall volume of the sweeping robot is relatively small, the capacity of the dust box cannot be designed too large. The dust box capacity of most robots is generally about 0.4L. If the dust box and the mopping water tank are designed together, the dust box capacity will be. After being further compressed, the power of the compressed dust box is often only about 0.3L.

Therefore, when using the sweeping robot, even if the dust box has a large capacity, it is necessary to clean the dust box once after working twice. If the dust box has a small degree, the dust box must be washed in time after each work is completed. Otherwise, Too much garbage in the dust box will affect the next use of the machine.

Most families who use sweeping robots usually set the machine to work automatically when they are not at home. When they go home, the robot has already completed the cleaning task. At this time, it is easy to forget to clean up the garbage in the dust box in time.

Sweeping and mopping robot

How to make a Sweeping and mopping robot automatically handle garbage?

To solve this problem, the best way is to design an automatic dust collection device on the robot base. When the sweeping robot returns to the base for charging after each work is completed, it can automatically suck the garbage in the dust box to the dust collection of the base. In the bucket, wait until the garbage in the dust collection bucket has accumulated to a certain extent, and then clean it up all at once.

At present, there are many vacuum cleaner brands on the market that have launched a dust collecting base design. This XCLEA H30 Plus dust collecting sweeping and mopping robot is a product with a dust collecting base design.

Honour of XCLEA

About Xclea, it is estimated that some people will be relatively unfamiliar. In 2020, when Huawei Honor announced its entry into the smart cleaning field, it was cooperating with the first smart cleaning wireless vacuum cleaner released by XCLEA and created more than 50,000 units within three months. Sales records; and in the "WISE2020 Great100 List of Products Affecting the Future", Xclea's new product "Automatic Cleaning Wireless Floor Vacuum Cleaner" is on the list of smart life products. The H30 Plus dust collecting sweeping and dragging robot launched this time has exceeded 3 million in crowdfunding on the overseas crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. It can be regarded as a rising star among domestic cleaning brands.