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Suction vacuum cleaner review


From sweeping robots to cordless vacuum cleaners, every product improves cleaning efficiency. The suction vacuum cleaner is Honor's open ecological partnership program in the field of full-scenario bright life. The actual design and manufacturer of this vacuum cleaner is CLEA Smart Technology Co., Ltd.
Let's get straight to the topic, from the cleaning effect and experience, to talk about why we would choose a wireless Suction vacuum cleaner.

Suction vacuum cleaner comes standard with four types of brush heads, which can cover the main household scenes.
1. Cleaning ability
When it comes to wireless vacuum cleaners, we first think of Dyson with a high probability. Dyson, which focuses on wireless vacuum cleaners, is very successful in linking its brand with wireless.

Why do most users choose wireless vacuum cleaners when they buy new vacuum cleaners?
I think the main reason is convenience. Take my home as an example. Before using a wired vacuum cleaner, I had to switch the plug position three or four times each time I vacuumed, so I only take out the vacuum cleaner when cleaning on weekends. The advantage of the cordless vacuum cleaner is its convenience. If you see a small area on the ground that needs to be vacuumed, you can use it by picking up the cordless vacuum cleaner.

For wireless vacuum cleaners, suction power, filtration efficiency, battery life, and weight are the four core indicators. Sufficient suction power can ensure the cleaning effect. High filtration efficiency ensures that the inhaled dust will not enter the air again and form secondary pollution. . Since batteries power wireless vacuum cleaners, it takes a certain amount of time to charge (XCLEA1 takes 3.5 hours to charge fully), enough battery life to ensure that a complete house cleaning can be completed. The weight of the body provides that we can easily pick up and use it.

Main parameters of XCLEA Suction vacuum cleaner:

125W suction power, 100,000 rpm brushless motor, 24kPa vacuum;
99% filtration efficiency of the whole machine;
65 minutes battery life in normal mode;
1.65kg lightweight design;

Test the cleaning ability of the suction vacuum cleaner.

Suitable parameters do not mean that the user experience must be good. The actual cleaning ability is also related to the overall design.
1.1 Particulate matter and dust test:
The most common ground in daily homes is dust and some particulate matter (falling rice/black beans, etc.). In order to get close to the natural environment, I used black beans, oats, and some ground dust as the test objects. The actual test results are electric ground with low suction power. The brush can also be easily cleaned.
In addition to dust, paper scraps are also common garbage at home. The XCLEA floor brush can also quickly suck all the paper scraps under the actual test of low-level suction.

1.2 Integrated test of vacuuming and mopping:
Due to the working model of the vacuum cleaner, many specks of dust that are tightly attached to the ground cannot be cleaned by vacuuming alone. In the past, after vacuuming, it was still necessary to use a mop/mop to mop the floor. This time, XCLEA is equipped with a magnetic wet mopping component, which can be combined with an electric floor brush to complete the two projects of vacuuming and mopping at the same time. Actual mopping can indeed clean most of the dust and dirt.

1.3 Mattress cleaning
As our daily resting place, mattresses actually have a lot of dander in addition to dust, which constitutes a suitable environment for dust mites. Dust mites can cause allergic rhinitis or asthma in people with severe allergies, so current wireless vacuum cleaners are basically equipped with mites removal nozzles as standard. Using the powerful suction mode of XCLEA Suction vacuum cleaner + electric mite removal nozzle, you can clean sheets and quilts in five minutes. The actual power consumption is 34%. The powerful suction mode can last for 10 minutes.

Suction vacuum cleaner

Suction vacuum cleaner for Mattress cleaning

1.4 Desktop cleaning
There is a lot of dust in the daily home, and the crevices on the keyboard surface are also easy to fall off. Therefore, when not in everyday use, cover the keyboard with a transparent keyboard cover, and use a wide flat suction tip to quickly clean the floating dust on the keyboard cover surface.