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Suction vacuum cleaner experience


In addition to hardware performance, whether a wireless vacuum cleaner is good or not is also very important. Only an excellent detailed design can make the vacuum cleaner more convenient to use.

What are the functions of a Suction vacuum cleaner (P10X)?

1. Common garbage removal, Suction vacuum cleaner (P10X) adopts a relatively common one-key cleaning design. Press the front button, and the dust box will pop open automatically.
2. The installation and removal of the suction head are also very convenient; it can be quickly completed by directly inserting or pressing the release button.

The installation and removal of the suction head

3. P10X's HL multi-function roller brush head is also more flexible; you can easily adjust the angle and direction when using it; the wet mopping module is connected to the multi-function roller brush by magnetic attraction, it is more convenient to install and remove.

Install wet mopping module

4. The mop of the wet mop module is combined with the module by using Velcro. After the daily cleaning is completed, it can be removed directly by tearing it off. The second mop may need to be replaced halfway during use (the second mop is included in the standard configuration), depending on The cleanliness of the floor.
5. Long press the power button to turn on, and lightly press the gear button to switch directly between standard gear, high-speed gear, and powerful gear. The digital display panel of the P10X also integrates a display function. The digital part shows the remaining power, the iris part shows the gear position, and there are two function indicators for filter replacement and dust complete on the panel.
①. Standard gear: small half circle light on
②. High-speed equipment: most of the circle lights up
③. Powerful equipment: full aperture lights up

Noise control of Suction vacuum cleaner (P10X)

For the noise part, use the mobile phone sound volume APP to record the sound intensity at a position about one meter away from the vacuum cleaner. The noise during regular use of the fan at noon at home is about 46~52dB, the standard gear noise is 59~60dB, and the high-speed gear noise is 60~61dB, which is vital. The gear noise is relatively large, reaching 65dB. However, the standard and high-speed gears generally do not have much noise. These two gears are mainly used in daily life. The complete equipment is usually used for vacuuming mattresses. A noise of 65dB in a few minutes is entirely acceptable.
①. Environmental noise 46~52dB
②. Standard file 59~60dB
③. High-speed 60~61dB
④. Powerful 65dB
▼Noise test data

Noise test data

Body and details of Suction vacuum cleaner

If you can see here, I believe you are still interested in a Suction vacuum cleaner. We will briefly talk about some product details later. Extra bacteria-killing tablets (effervescent tablets) on the ground of the water tank are included. Please note that this is an external disinfectant. It can be used directly after being dissolved in the water tank for about three minutes, which can kill some pathogenic bacteria. For families with children who like to play on the ground, regular use of sterilizing tablets and wet mopping is of particular significance for purifying the family environment.

The weight of the whole machine is 1.65kg, and it is better to hold with both hands. The gaps in the body of the entire device are handled well. The openings of some entry-level products are not taken well, resulting in air leakage. In terms of filtration, the design of the front and rear dual filter elements is adopted. The front filter element is relatively large, and a filter element is also presented as an accessory for replacement.

1. The front dust cup filter element, in addition to the one that comes with the body, the accessory also comes with a spare
2. Ten-cone cyclone dust and gas separation, the specific effect needs to be used for a long time, the rear filter element is designed in an arc shape, and it can be taken out by directly extracting it. After removing the rear filter element, you can see the LED panel.
3. There is an anti-collision rubber strip on the front of the HL multifunctional roller brush. This small detail is more convenient for daily use, and the texture of the metal extension rod is also good. The output of the standard power adapter is 30V, 0.8A (24W), and the actual charging takes about 3 hours to charge fully. The wall fixing bracket adopts a non-destructive installation design, and it can be glued to the glass/tile wall with the built-in double-sided adhesive.

To sum up
In general, the suction power and user experience of Suction vacuum cleaner P10X are satisfactory enough. The daily garbage in the house can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. The weight of the body is only 1.65kg, and the battery life is up to 65 minutes, even if compared. Large units can also meet the needs of house cleaning. It is equipped with a variety of suction heads, which can basically handle most scenes at home. The built-in magnetic wet mopping brush can complete two cleanings at one time.