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High suction vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaner


When it comes to wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, the first brand that everyone thinks of is Dyson, followed by Puppy, Mijia, and possibly other brands. As Huawei's glory brand, can xclea be as world-renowned as his elder brother for its entry barriers, artistry, functions, and cost-effectiveness?

As suction and drag integrated antibacterial wireless high suction vacuum cleaner, the most important are the two functions of vacuuming and mopping.

We will mainly test the functions and features of the wireless high suction vacuum cleaner integrated with Xclea vacuum and mopping and the foreign version of the Dyson V8 Carbon Fiber suction enhanced version.

This was all the brush heads when I bought Dyson.
The most frequently used brush heads are soft velvet nozzles, mite removal nozzles, crevice nozzles, and the remaining brush heads are unused, so if I choose one more time, I will select Enough is enough, and it can be much cheaper.

What are consumers most concerned about when choosing a wireless high suction vacuum cleaner?

I think it is the following:
1. Suction;
2. Use time;
3. Noise;
4. The weight of the host.

Let's take a look at the performance of the XCLEA wireless high suction vacuum cleaner.

Let's take a look at the central unit first. The shape is similar to most wireless vacuum cleaners on the market. The cover's design on the handle is the same as that of Dyson, except that the handle of XCLEA is more extended, and the power button of Dyson is on the top of the cover. , And XCLEA's power button and shift button are on the outside of the handle. The two buttons are integrated, and the opening and shifting can be operated with one hand. This is also a more practical design than Dyson.

The button for dumping garbage was unskilled when I first bought it, and it took a little bit of effort to open it. After pressing it a few times, it was much smoother. I understand that this part needs to have a better seal, so it is understandable to make tight seams between the components.

The appearance comparison between Xclea and Dyson V8 Carbon Fiber:

The appearance comparison between Xclea and Dyson V8 Carbon Fiber

After installation, I chose the most commonly used soft melting brush. Compared with Dyson, Dyson's overall is longer, and the connecting rod and host are longer.

This is the host's weight; XCLEA weighs 1.665 KG, Dyson weighs 1.560 KG, the difference between the two hosts is 0.105KG. Adding the quality comparison between the connecting rod and the soft velvet brush head, Xclea is 2.735 KG, and Dyson is 2.615 KG, a difference of 0.12 KG.

Xclea high suction vacuum cleaner and Dyson weight comparison

Plus the quality of the connecting rod and soft pile brush head

There is not much difference between the two in actual use, but the price of Dyson is more than doubled.
The length of the two rollers is compared. Dyson is 22cm, and XClea is 21cm. Dyson is slightly larger. In use, it may be more labor-saving (in fact, the difference is not much).

Use evaluation and comparison:
There is still about 25% of the battery when I just got it, and the charging time is about 2 hours to charge fully.

The specific time is as follows:
07:32 start 25% battery
08:36 61% battery
09:00 75% battery
09:35 End of 100% battery
The last 25% of the battery was charged for only 35 minutes, but the charging time of 2 hours is sure to meet the general intensity of use.

The three-stage suction is adjustable, and it can be done with one button. It has one more gear than Dyson and is more user-friendly. The gear adjustment is also much more convenient, and it can be operated with one hand.

Thanks to the anti-collision strip at the front of the soft velvet brush head, when cleaning, even if the front End hits the furniture, it is not afraid of the furniture being knocked down, which plays a better protective role.

It took about 15 minutes. The first gear (minimum suction power) and the second gear were used for half the time, and the remaining power was 68%. If the first gear has been with low suction power, the 65-minute use time is not much different.

The following is a comparison of the suction power of Xclea and Dyson, using black rice and mung beans at home, respectively.

Xclea and Dyson's suction power comparison

Xclea chose the second gear. Dyson has low suction power because the suction power in these two gears is similar, and the noise of the two gears is similar. It can be seen that all the black rice was sucked up easily, except for some items that were ejected by the roller, but they were sucked up in the End.

Switching to mung beans, it is still a gear, and again, there is no problem.

Noise comparison:
Xclea's three levels of noise are 75.8, 79.6, and 85.8 decibels, respectively.

Xclea high suction vacuum cleaner Noise

Dyson's working noise in two gears. The noise value of Dyson's first gear and Xclea's second gear is the same; in MAX gear, Dyson's noise is slightly louder; this difference can be distinguished from the ears.

Dyson vacuum cleaner noise

Wet mopping function:
Water tank module. On the left is the water injection port; open it and just collect the water through the faucet; in the middle is the fixed magnetic piece, and the water outlet is below.

Wet mopping function

Mopping cloth on the front of the water tank assembly, using Velcro sticking method, the oval part below is the water seepage filter element, and the replacement period is 1-3 months. It should be noted that the mop should be soaked and wrung out before use.

To replace the filter element, you can use the tip end of the complimentary cleaning brush, which is stuck in the gap and can be taken out by pulling it upwards forcefully. The installation of the water tank components is particularly convenient, quick installation and disassembly, that is, drag and use.

As far as the mopping function of the Xclea high suction vacuum cleaner is concerned, it is still very good. The dust suction function can only remove the floating dust on the surface of furniture, floors, and floor tiles. Some stubborn stains sticking to the floor tiles must be removed by mopping. Xclea's integrated suction and mopping function allow you to eliminate the "dragging" step. It's easy to get it all at once. The actual effect is also very good. In addition, as a reminder, after using the water tank function group, if Xclea is stored, you must remove the water tank group and pour out the remaining water. Otherwise, the mop will continue to leak water.

Application of different brush heads:
1.Wide flat suction: suitable for dust treatment on sofas and sofa seats, closets, window sills, and various countertops.
2.Mite removal brush: suitable for cleaning up dust and mites on the surface of textile materials such as beds, curtains, sofas, etc.:
3.The mite removal brush can also clean the dust on the surface of the curtain. In places out of reach, connect the long connecting rod to easily remove dust.
4.The long flat brush can clean small gaps such as doors, windows, and blind corners of stairs.

Xclea suction vacuum cleaner can also be used as a car dust collector. With a long flat suction head, such a small gap can be easily cleaned.

Storage and cleaning:
If you didn't purchase the storage rack plan, Xclea thoughtfully helped the user to take it into consideration and provided a storage bag and wall fixing box with the box.

Xclea storage bag, a bag that can hold all the accessories except the soft velvet brush head and connecting rod, usually put together, it is also easy to find, not easy to lose.

If you don't consider charging, Xclea can lean against any wall or door.

The wall fixing box will be used for charging. It is recommended to stick it on a tile or glass wall. If the bathroom happens to have a socket, choose to put it there.

According to the instructions, measure the approximate height of the fixed box. Compared with the vacuum cleaner, it is roughly between 98-108cm. I took an intermediate position with a height of about 104cm, made a mark, then cleaned the surface of the tile and directly attached the fixed box.

The groove in the middle of the fixed box can accommodate the charging cable, and the position of the charging port can be fixed, and the excess power cable can be stored aside to look neater.

The Xclea suction vacuum cleaner is a bit simpler for dumping garbage with two cordless vacuum cleaners, and the operation can be completed by turning it on and off, while Dyson needs to lift the handle of the trash box switch, press it down to restore and then close the lid.

When cleaning, Xclea is more user-friendly than Dyson. The roller of the soft velvet brush can be removed and cleaned. Unlike Dyson, the screws need to be unscrewed, so users will worry about whether the reinstallation will affect the subsequent cleaning. Efficiency.

The button on the left can be gently pulled up to remove the roller, and cleaning becomes very convenient, and there is no need to worry about rubbish stuck in the roller in the future.

Just like Dyson, you can remove the dust cup to clean the surface dust (unscrew it clockwise), but for Dyson, the entire mainframe is removed together, while Xclea can be removed and cleaned separately. It should be noted here: the dust cup is not washable.
Ten wind cone technology, one of the few products that master nine cone technology or more, is slightly stronger than many wireless vacuum cleaners on the market.

The top cover of the main unit can be opened, and a built-in rear filter element is built-in. The function of this filter element is to filter the discharged air so as not to cause secondary pollution. Xclea takes this into consideration.

Users can download the "Huawei Smart Life" App for smart linkage.

Open the App, click on the "+" in the upper right corner, select to add equipment; enter the next page, you can choose to add manually; in the cleaning supplies on the next page, find the Xclea wireless vacuum cleaner; in the vacuum cleaner standby state, long-press the shift key 5 If the indicator flashes for more than seconds, it enters the pairing state.

Select the home wireless network, enter the password, select Xclea for pairing in the mobile WIFI setting interface, and return to the App terminal; that is, the connection is successful.

After the setting is completed, Xclea will appear on the home page. Click on the vacuum cleaner to view the usage time, charging time, battery capacity, standby status, etc., and keep track of the filter status at any time.

The advantages of this Xcleahigh suction vacuum cleaner:
1. The shape and workmanship are very good, ten cone cyclone lasting suction, three-stage suction adjustable, power switch, gear shift, one-hand operation;
2. Integrated vacuum and mopping, with higher cleaning efficiency and good cleaning degree;
3. Equipped with a variety of brush heads with different functions, suitable for use in multiple scenarios, and can be used as a car vacuum cleaner to keep the car clean and hygienic;
4. 65 minutes long battery life, so you don't have to worry about running out of power before cleaning;
5. Working sound is slightly lighter than Dyson; enjoy the happy life of listening to music while cleaning;
6. Convenient storage, just by the wall;
7. Trash dumping is not dirty, and it can be completed with one loose and one press;
8. The drum and dust cup can be cleaned, and it is also convenient to remove and install; the rear filter element also provides exhaust filtration to avoid secondary pollution;
9. The price is low, less than half of Dyson's.