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Huawei technology, Smart robot vacuum cleaner


When it comes to vacuum cleaners, many people think of Dyson. The brand's influence has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If there is a vacuum cleaner with Huawei technology on the market and Dyson to choose from, which one would you choose?

Huawei Technology Vacuum Cleaner

Many people first consider the appearance, battery life, function, noise, adsorption, filtration system, etc., but ignore the system's most crucial aspect! Let's start with the system software, introduce this sweeping robot from Huawei, Xclea Smart robot vacuum cleaner H30 Plus.


Xclea H30 Plus has in-depth cooperation with HUAWEI HiLink to tailor an exclusive app for users who love Huawei. You can perform OTA upgrades, remote control, scheduled cleaning, check cleaning trajectories, etc., on your phone, and you can also perform modes on the sweeping robot. Adjustment, especially the Do Not Disturb mode, allows the robot to concentrate on its work.


Huawei Voice Assistant:

Suppose you happen to have a Huawei series of products in your home. In that case, you can use the language control to let it help you arrange the Xclea Smart robot vacuum cleaner to sweep the floor, charge the floor, etc., say to your mobile phone: "Xiaoyi, go sweep the floor. ", the robot will start working immediately.

Dust collection/mopping:

When the Xclea Smart robot vacuum cleaner returns to the dust collection station to charge after the cleaning work is completed, the dust collection station will automatically extract the garbage in the dust box into the dust bag. There is no need to clean the dust box manually, and it will not dirty your hands.

The unique ozone antibacterial and deodorizing system of the dust collection station can avoid the two significant troubles of moldy and odorous garbage and bacterial growth. The dust bag is automatically packed after it is full of dust, and the bag is directly taken away, and the whole process is sealed to avoid secondary dust pollution. The 3L large-capacity dust bag can hold about 2,000 square meters of dirt, dust, and hair on the floor of the house, freeing your hands, and you can be at ease when you are away on business trips.

In addition to the large dust collection capacity, the water tank, when mopping the floor, reaches 250ml, and you can drag a room of 250m² at a time without changing the water. Don't question whether the sweeper can complete the work; do you consider your home large enough?

Hi DyNavi system:

These are not enough. Xclea Dust Collector H30 Plus also has a built-in Hi DyNavi innovative full-scene planning system. When facing complex rooms and multiple floors, you only need to clean once to remember the layout of your home. After cleaning, sweep the first floor. The second floor. When the power of the sweeping robot is insufficient, it will automatically return to the charging station for charging. After being fully charged, it can return to the uncleaned area to continue cleaning to avoid repeated cleaning.

Powerful perception function:

Xclea Smart robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple sensors, which can comprehensively perceive the surrounding environment and terrain from various directions, intelligently judge the height of the bed and cabinet to avoid jams; accurately identify obstacles, actively bypass, and do not collide; The threshold can also be efficiently climbed.

Powerful perception function Xclea

The Xclea H30 Plus sweeping robot can also mop the floor while cleaning the floor dust in the home. It can double clean the floor by vacuuming and mopping so that all stubborn stains will disappear.

The exterior design is also great:

After understanding the main functions of the Xclea H30 Plus suction and drag robot, let's see if its appearance can be worthy of the powerful "inner (function)."
Xclea H30 Plus gives people white at first glance. This white is not pure white but white with modification, which makes people look so fond at first glance.

Especially in the upper-middle position of the white dust box on the base (the 3L large dust bag is built into it), there is a circular screen to display relevant information inside the robot.

You only need to believe in Huawei, and you will believe in Xclea Smart robot vacuum cleaner H30 Plus.