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Robot vacuum cleaner self emptying, H30 Plus


Are the easy-to-use and intelligent sweeping robot a false proposition? Some of the current total robots may get lost and run out of power. Some may get stuck under the bed and need someone to rescue them. The most frightening thing is that some robots wait for it to finish cleaning every time, and at the moment when they manually clean the dust box, The smell is suffocating. So, what should a sweeping robot with genuine hands-free and intelligent brains look like?

robot vacuum cleaner self emptying

XCLEA's first robot vacuum cleaner self emptying, H30 Plus, comprises two essential parts: sweeping robot + dust collection station. Now, analyze one by one from the following four dimensions: dust collection method, intelligence level, cleaning ability, and usage status.

Automatic dust collection, allowing lazy people to free their hands completely

Conventional sweeping robots must clean the dust box in time every time they are cleaned. Otherwise, once they become clogged with dust, the suction and cleaning power will drop immediately. In severe cases, it will cause damage to the machine. When dumping dust, it will quickly raise dust. Cause indoor secondary pollution.

Xclea H30 Plus is equipped with a 3L large-capacity dust bag in the dust collection station. Every time the sweeping robot finishes cleaning, the garbage will automatically be sucked into the dust bag. Just one-click the junk to pack, take out the dust bag, and replace it with a new one. That's it. The 3L dust bag can hold up to 2000 square meters of dust, and the dust will not leak out, which eliminates the trouble of frequent cleaning of dust boxes by ordinary sweeping robots.

Automatic dust collection

In addition, the dust collection station of Xclea H30 Plus has an active oxygen antibacterial and deodorizing system, so there is no need to worry about the breeding of bacteria and odors. It is more worry-free and safer, allowing lazy people to completely free their hands and achieve a true sense of wisdom and cleanliness.

Intelligent brain, intelligent planning for all scenes

Many sweeping robots mostly call themselves "intelligent," but few can afford "intelligence," but many are "mentally retarded". They are either stuck on the threshold and cannot get up and down or "run away from home" from time to time. The stupid navigation planning system made the cleaning robot, which should be a right-hand man, fall into the corner, and no one cares about it.

intelligent planning for all scenes

Xclea Smart robot vacuum cleaner H30 Plus is equipped with Hi DyNavi intelligent full-scene planning system, LDS global planning; just like having a super-intelligent robot "brain," you only need to scan once to remember the overall structure of your home. It can also record multi-layer maps, so you don't have to worry about duplex buildings. Every corner of the house can be memorized. It can also realize intelligent breakpoint scanning, automatic recharging when there is no power, and return to the breakpoint when the battery is fully charged. Continue cleaning without waiting for the storm to be fully charged.

Xclea H30 Plus uses multiple professional sensors to efficiently coordinate, fully perceive the surrounding environment, and intelligently judge the height of the bed cabinet. There is no need to worry about the sweeping robot being stuck. It can also accurately identify common obstacles, actively avoiding and bypassing, and easily over 2cm threshold barrier, flexible to get rid of various common traps and find a way to solve the problem.

Strong suction, cleaner with integrated suction and drag

In terms of cleaning ability, ample suction power, long battery life, and rolling brush side brush structure is the guarantee for the operation of the sweeping robot. Many real robots will have problems such as unclean sweeping, missing sweeping, and not sweeping corners. Sometimes they are entangled by hair or by the feet of tables, chairs, and stools, and they need to be corrected manually. Sometimes they are silly after working for a while. Stupidly running back to recharge, it's really devastating.

Xclea H30 Plus has a super suction force of up to 2700Pa, which can easily suck up dust, dirt, peel, debris, cat litter, hair, etc., and remove the embedded dust from the gaps in the floor, thereby deeply cleaning the gaps between the carpet and the floor—improved cleaning efficiency. Two dynamic variable speed side brushes can automatically adjust the speed according to the different cleaning conditions of the edges and corners, thereby improving the cleaning quality.

The integrated suction and mopping design that makes cleaning more efficient, vacuuming before mopping the floor, easily solves the stubborn dirt and stains on the floor. Equipped with a 250ml intelligent electronically controlled large water tank for uniform water output, it can clean about 250 square meters of the ground area by adding water at a time.

Wisdom interconnection, feel the most outstanding interactive experience

With the rapid development of technology today, the popularity of smart homes is increasing day by day. Xclea has also become the core partner of HUAWEI HiLink's smart cleaning section. The brand-new H30 Plus is deeply integrated into the HUAWEI HiLink smart ecology, with intelligent control and intelligent linkage with an efficient cleaning system.

HUAWEI HiLink Smart Cleaning

Open the HUAWEI Smart APP, you can remotely control the H30 Plus, such as appointment cleaning time, custom room cleaning order, room merging, division, and naming partitions, to achieve preset order or scheduled appointment to clean the designated room, and you can also set up a virtual wall, Used to formulate restricted areas to protect some areas. Whether it is interaction or user experience, the whole house is intelligently linked, and everything is under control. H30 Plus brings a new intelligent cleaning experience that is linked with one's heart.

From the first generation of an antibacterial wireless vacuum cleaner with integrated suction and drag to the newly launched robot vacuum cleaner self emptying H30 Plus, Xclea has never stopped innovating, always taking user needs as the starting point and adhering to the development concept of making cleaning easy. The house was cleaned in one go, completely liberating the lazy hands.