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Huawei supports a Smart robot vacuum cleaner.


As companies attach great importance to the research and development of core technologies and continue to invest colossal workforce and material resources in research and development, my country'scountry's influence in science and technology is rapidly expanding, and the competitiveness is rapidly expanding of enterprises is also increasing. In the field of intelligent home, Xclea, as a Huawei eco-chain company, has released the Smart robot vacuum cleaner H30 Plus, laying out the smart market!

Huawei supports a smart robot vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, people'speople's work pace is breakneck, but home hygiene still needs to be done. After discovering this situation, many technology companies believe that intelligent sweeping robots have strong market potential and have entered the market, so they released various intelligent mopping robots. This has also caused a very chaotic situation in the current intelligent mopping robot market.

So, compared with the mopping robots on the market, what advantages does Xclea Smart robot vacuum cleaner H30 Plus have? Can it win market recognition and help Huawei accelerate its deployment in the smart home market?

Five advantages of Smart robot vacuum cleaner H30 Plus
1. Automatic dust collection
Friends who have used a floor mopping robot know that you have to manually clean the dust box after using it to do housework. After the whole process, you will be exhausted. After the garbage is poured into the trash can, it will emit a very unpleasant smell.

Automatic dust collection

The Xclea dust collection sweeper H30 Plus is entirely different. The dust collection station is equipped with a 3L dust collection bag. The entire cleaning process adopts automatic dust collection technology, which can completely free your hands for up to 30 days. It adopts active oxygen antibacterial deodorization technology. Ensure that there are no garbage odor and bacteria breeding problems. When you come back from a business trip, throw away the used dust bag and replace it with a new one, so it is very convenient and intelligent.

2. Support HUAWEI HiLink
Intelligent sweeping robot mainly emphasizes "smartness." Xclea dust collector H30 Plus supports the HUAWEI HiLink protocol. The intelligent operating system built-in H30 Plus can be connected with a Huawei mobile phone, open the Huawei Smart Life App, and complete remote control on the mobile phone. , Regular cleaning, OTA upgrade, and other functions.

3. "Exclusive Memory."
Some people find it inconvenient to use intelligent mopping robots because their house is a duplex—friends who have this concern don't have to worry about it now. H30 Plus has its own "exclusive memory."

Exclusive Memory vacuum cleaner

The product has a built-in Hi DyNavi full-scene planning system. As long as it has worked, it can perfectly record the terrain and ensure that it can work without leaving blind spots. The duplex structure house also has a multi-layer memory function, which can save the map of each floor separately and can automatically match and switch the map when the floor is cleaned. When the power of the sweeping and dragging robot is low, it will automatically look for the charging port, keep itself in an "energetic" state at all times, and then return to the breakpoint to continue cleaning.

4. Multiple scenes to get out of trouble
The H30 Plus has a built-in professional-grade high-precision sensor recognition chip, and the body is equipped with multiple sensors. When working, it can automatically identify whether the surrounding environment is dangerous or not and can also remember high-level information. In this way, it is possible to avoid being jammed by items such as sofas, coffee tables, beds, etc., and automatically determine whether there are people or things in front of them that will be hit by themselves.

5. Full of power
Whether an intelligent mopping robot is valid or not, whether it can do "housework," motivation is essential. Xclea smart robot vacuum cleaner H30 Plus uses a 2700Pa high-quiet power motor, which has a powerful vacuuming ability. It can not only vacuum and drag in one while vacuuming and dragging but also easily over 2 cm obstacles.