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Why choose Xclea Vacuum cleaner with water


Technology has promoted our living standards. Every time a new technology product that changes people's lifestyle appears, it will always bring about a lot of change in our lives. Because the development of science and technology will radiate our daily energy and work, significantly reduce our troubles, and save a lot of time. We can spend more time on more things.

Household hygiene is a complex problem that every one of us cannot avoid. Maybe we rarely notice this problem, because most of the female groups are cleaning at home. Therefore, it is easy for us to ignore their feelings. Only when we truly experience it will we know how hard it is to clean and sanitary.

Home Cleaning Robot

To solve the troubles caused by cleaning, people invented vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots, especially sweeping robots, which have become more and more popular in the market in recent years because they can operate automatically without a workforce.

Four advantages of Xclea Vacuum cleaner with water:

1. The appearance is straightforward and not simple
Xclea Vacuum Cleaner with water is referred to as H30 Plus. The overall tone is mainly simple white, beautiful, and elegant.
The whole is divided into two parts, the sweeping robot, and the base. The base is responsible for charging and storing garbage, and the sweeping robot is responsible for total operations. Because the sweeping robot occupies a small area and is very harmonious with the modern home style, it is full of a sense of science and technology in the home-style when placed at home.

2. Rich functions and configurations
The overall configuration of the Xclea Vacuum cleaner with water H30 Plus is potent.
①.The automatic dust collection function allows us to pack garbage without touching it, avoiding direct contact with bacteria and dust.
②.The .3L large-capacity dust bag is enough for daily cleaning work, and the built-in active oxygen antibacterial and deodorizing technology ensures hygienic health.
③.Super suction power, Xclea H30 Plus has a strong suction power of 2700Pa, which can quickly solve all kinds of gaps and corner dust problems. The actual cleaning effect is not much different from the manual sweeping and mopping effects.
④.The intelligent electronically controlled water tank can deliver water in real-time and clean the area of 250 square meters without worrying about changing the water midway.

Strong suction floor sweeper

3. Smart connection, easy to use
The greatest magical effect of technology lies in how to integrate products with technology. Xclea H30 Plus is equipped with Huawei's HiLink intelligent interconnection platform app, which can be monitored and checked directly on the Huawei app, and the status of the robot trash can, OTA upgrade, remote control, etc. can be viewed at a glance.
In addition, Huawei's voice assistant is also connected. At this time, you only need to call "Xiaoyi" directly at home, and the housekeeper can help you clean and hygienic automatically. The complete voice control is super convenient.

Vacuum cleaner with water

4. Smart detour without getting lost
There is a lot of furniture in the home, and the stacking of various types of furniture is very complicated, so robots need to be able to intelligently identify the cleaning path. The Xclea robot has a built-in Hi DyNavi intelligent full-scene planning system, which can completely remember the entire home environment and cleaning route after cleaning it once. The multi-layer memory function enables the machine to truly realize memory storage, and it can also be cleaned at fixed points. Each area can be set to a cleaning mode.

With 39 professional sensors, this is undoubtedly equipped with eyes for the robot, which can accurately perceive the surrounding environment without dead angles, accurately identify obstacles, and will not collide. At desk corners, wall corners, etc., the sweeping robot can intelligently distinguish and display, and it will not be stuck or immobile.

Multi-sensor floor sweeper

The robot base can cross obstacles with a height of 2cm and can easily surpass the threshold in the daily home environment, which is enough for most families.
All in all, Xclea Vacuum cleaner with water is really great. With the blessing of Huawei's HiLink protocol, it can achieve intelligent operation and cleaning, which completely frees hands. And the system is so smart that it is really convenient to use the Huawei app to control and view.