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Handheld vacuum cleaner repair


Common faults and maintenance methods of handheld vacuum cleaners

What to do if the motor does not rotate?
The reasons that cause the motor not to rotate are generally poor contact, circuit breakage, and damage to the engine itself. Since the vacuum cleaner circuit is relatively simple, it is usually not difficult to find out where the open course or poor contact occurs. Usually, the failure of the power switch, the fuse tube, the power reel, or the poorly welded connection is more See.
1. If it is found that the fault occurs on the power switch, it is mainly caused by poor contact with the button. During the inspection, pay special attention to whether the communication of the reel is good or the wire is broken because the installation position of the revolution is usually concealed. The disassembly and assembly are troublesome and easy to be overlooked.
2. If the fuse tube is blown, be sure to find out the reason, and replace it with the same specification fuse tube after troubleshooting; otherwise, it is likely to blow a fuse again or damage the motor. If the fuse tube is still blown when replaced again, do not replace it again, let alone try to replace the fuse with a larger rated current, because this will easily damage the motor. The correct method is to thoroughly check the cause of the burned fuse. The practice has shown that if the circuit has no obvious short-circuit point, the reason is mostly the motor overload, which can be checked.
3. If there is no problem in the inspection circuit and the fuse tube is normal, then the fault is on the motor, which is generally caused by a broken wire or poor contact in the motor. The disconnection usually occurs on the outlet of the motor, which can be seen by naked eyes. If it is difficult to judge, use a multimeter to test.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

What to do if the suction power of the handheld vacuum cleaner is small?

1. The possible cause is that the dust suction duct is not smooth, and any one of the ventilation ducts (paths) from the suction nozzle to the motor exhaust hole is blocked, which will reduce the dust suction air volume and insufficient suction.
Main reasons for blocked air ducts:
①. The vacuum cleaner has sucked in larger objects;
②. The dust filter bag is stained with too much dust, too much dust in the dust collection chamber, or the dust cover is damp, making it difficult for air to circulate. For the former, the problem can be solved by simply removing the foreign matter in the air duct of the vacuum cleaner. If it is the latter, first remove the dust in the dust chamber and then dispose of the dust filter bag. If it is a disposable product, it should be replaced in time.
2. The possible cause is air leakage from the air duct. This failure is mainly caused by damage or improper installation of the dust filter, rupture of the flexible connector, and a loose or misaligned connection between the nozzle and the connector. Different situations can be distinguished by repairing or installing the dust filter cover or connecting the suction nozzle and the pipe tightly. If the hose is broken and air leakage occurs, it can be repaired with Biohit glue or bandaged plastic tape. For serious damage, it is best to replace it with new accessories.

Handheld vacuum cleaner with low suction power

How to deal with the abnormal noise of the handheld vacuum cleaner or the loud noise at work?

1. The motor rotor and the stator are in contact with the stator, the motor bearing is damaged, or the impeller deforms and collides with the casing. At this time, the motor or impeller cover should be disassembled, the contact point should be carefully found, and then the correction can be carried out.
2. If the vacuum cleaner sucks in granular hard objects such as beans and vial caps, it will make abnormal noises. At this time, it should be turned off in time and take out the foreign objects. Otherwise, the sharp hard objects will easily break the dust filter or scratch the plastic casing.
3. The air duct is severely blocked. In this case, it should be shut down immediately, and the blockage should be eliminated. Otherwise, the motor will quickly heat up due to a serious overload, and it may burn out over a long period of time.
4. Vacuum cleaners with muffler devices will also make abnormal noises when the muffler is damaged or defective. For this detachable muffler to be overhauled, it is usually only necessary to replace the damaged parts or reinstall them accurately.