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How to choose a household vacuum cleaner?


1. Purchasing factor of vacuum cleaner: cleaning ability

The most essential and fundamental knowledge of a vacuum cleaner is, of course, its cleaning ability. Cleaning ability includes three parts: suction power, suction stability, and secondary pollution, stubborn stain removal ability

(1). Suction power: motor, vacuum (pneumatic power or vacuum suction)
As an intelligent product that efficiently solves household cleaning problems and keeps the home spotless, the vacuum cleaner's cleaning ability is essential, generally called suction.

If the vacuum cleaner's suction power is too small, large particles such as melon seed shells and nutshells or excellent dust cannot be absorbed, and the cleaning effect is not satisfactory. Therefore, the strong suction power largely determines our cleaning experience.

We know that the working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to drive the fan blades and extract the air through the operation of the motor to form a vacuum in the machine, thereby producing the effect of vacuuming.

Therefore, the vacuum cleaner's suction power depends on the quality of the motor and the degree of vacuum. The faster the motor speed, the stronger the suction; the higher the void, the stronger the suction.

There are two kinds of motors on the market: carbon brush motors (brush motors) and brushless motors. The brushless motor has a faster speed, longer service life, and lower noise. Therefore, when used in a vacuum cleaner, it will have more suction and service life advantages. Of course, the cost is also higher.

In addition, because the suction power is also related to the degree of vacuum, it cannot be determined solely by the authority (speed) of the motor, so we need to look at the suction power of the vacuum cleaner as a whole through pneumatic power (AW) or vacuum suction (Kpa).

Purchase suggestion:
①. It is recommended to buy a vacuum cleaner with a brushless motor;
②. The suction power depends on AW or Kpa;

Brushless motor vacuum cleaner

(2). Dust collection and filtration mode: suction stability and secondary pollution
The cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner largely depends on dust collection and filtration after inhalation. We can understand it this way. All vacuum cleaners can suck, but some suck dust, some will raise dust, and some can firmly fix the dust in the dust box. If the integrated filter mode is not good enough, it may cause secondary pollution.

Moreover, the dust collection and filtration mode are also related to the stability of suction. When many people use vacuum cleaners, they have encountered a situation where the suction power is attenuated: that is, the vacuum cleaner's suction power after a period of use is not as strong as that of a new machine. The reason is that traditional vacuum cleaners mostly use densely meshed dust bags to trap dust in the dust bag and then discharge the filtered air. Although the dust bag can be replaced each time, the suction power will be significantly reduced when the filter is blocked. Therefore, the dust collection and filtration mode are critical to ensure that the suction power is not attenuated.
At present, the dust collection and filtration modes of vacuum cleaners are roughly divided into two categories: dustbag filtration, dust cup filtration, water filtration, and cyclone separation technology.
①. Dust bag filter type: the most traditional, and the price is relatively low. However, after a long time of use, the vacuum will decrease, the suction will be relatively small, and it is easy to breed bacteria and cause secondary pollution. So it needs to be replaced regularly. The overall filtering effect is average.
Now the old dust bag filter system is eliminated.
②. Dust cup filter type: the garbage and gas are separated by the high-speed rotating vacuum airflow of the motor and then filtered through HEPA (high-precision filter, strong adsorption) and other filter materials, which has a better filtering effect and can avoid secondary pollution. But clean up immediately after use.
③. Water filtration type: water is used as the filter medium, dust and microorganisms are dissolved in the water, the remaining is filtered through the filter, the filtering effect is good, and there is no need to worry about secondary pollution. But cleaning and use are more troublesome.
In addition, the filter material is also graded:
④. Non-woven fabric filter: The filtering effect is below 99.8%, with no blocking impact on dust.
⑤. Multi-fold fiber filter: its dust collection rate can reach more than 99.8%, and it can filter many types of dust and dust-like substances. It is a relatively mid-range configuration.
⑥. HEPA multi-pleated high-efficiency filter: better-filtering effect, more suitable for everyday home use, and lower use cost.
⑦. Cyclone separation technology, the most efficient dust separation technology: simulates the movement principle of tornadoes; that is, the centrifugal force of objects of different masses is different, and the order of throwing cyclones is also separate. When the airflow containing dust passes through the first layer of the filter bucket, because of the different centrifugal force, relatively large dust (particulate hair and the like) will be left behind and fall into the dust bucket. The remaining airflow will continue to enter the inner filter system and pass through the filter. High-speed centrifugal force separation, fine dust will remain in this layer of the filter system and then continue to discharge the remaining airflow through the filter and filter screen.
Dyson first researched the cyclone separation technology. It belongs to Dyson's hard-core black technology. Other brands also have similar dust collection technologies, such as hurricane dust separation technology, cyclone filtration systems, etc., which can be regarded as Daisen's hard-core black technology. A simplified version of Cyclone Separation.

These separation technologies replaced Dyson's fine dust separation cyclones with filters (filter mesh + cyclone separation technology), the technical difficulty was reduced, and the separation effect (poor dust removal effect) or user experience (cleaning the filter) was worse. The suction power will also decrease in the later period (fine dust blocks the air path).
Purchase suggestion:
①. Cyclone separation technology makes the vacuum cleaner more efficient;
②. The effect of water filtration is good, but it is more troublesome to use;
③. Dust cup filtration is more common;
④. It is recommended to purchase HEPA multi-pleated high-efficiency filter.

(3) Floor brush: ability to remove stubborn stains
If strong suction can quickly clean hair and dust, then suction alone cannot solve the problem of stubborn stains adhering to the ground. At this time, you need to use a floor brush that also has a cleaning function.

Floor brushes are generally divided into two types: natural power and electric drive (that is, ordinary floor brushes and electric floor brushes).

Naturally powered floor brush: The floor slides naturally rolling when the vacuum cleaner is pushed, without any power drive, its function is to concentrate the hair, dust, and scum and send it to the suction port of the vacuum cleaner, which is equivalent to a collection and gathering process.

Electrically driven floor brush: Install a small motor on the floor brush, and the floor brush rotates quickly under the drive of the engine. At the same time, with the action of a firm slap on the ground, it can absorb the dust and acceptable debris hidden in the gap more thoroughly and remove the stickiness—stubborn stains attached to the bottom. In comparison between the two, the electric drive has more substantial suction power, which is especially suitable for households with pets.
Purchase suggestion:
It is recommended to buy an electrically driven floor brush, which has more potent suction.

2. Purchasing factor of vacuum cleaner: mite removal function

The function of removing mites is essential.
Due to the suitable indoor temperature, a large number of mites may be hidden in beds and carpets.
One-third of your life is sleeping, and during this precious sleep time, have you ever thought that you might spend it with mites that are invisible to the naked eye? Dust mites damage the skin, breed infections, and cause respiratory diseases.
Therefore, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, if you can effectively eliminate mites when cleaning the dust, is it the best of both worlds?

3. Factors for purchasing vacuum cleaner: experience

This factor is mainly reflected in: whether the battery life is long, whether it is heavy or not, whether the design of the center of gravity is reasonable, whether the brush head has anti-winding technology, whether there is an integrated function of washing and dragging, whether the combined brush head, folding lever arm, and vacuum cleaner are easy to clean, The noise is significant or not, etc., these all directly affect the user experience.

①. Battery life
The battery life determines how long the vacuum cleaner can work, and no one wants the vacuum cleaner to run out of electricity before it is cleaned.
Especially for wireless vacuum cleaners, the battery life is related to the time cost of use. If the battery life of charger A is 20 minutes and that of charger B is 40 minutes, it will take 1 hour to fully charge. After cleaning a house in the same area, A needs 1 hour and 40 minutes (including charging). And B only requires 40 minutes.

The endurance capacity is generally related to the type, power, and quantity of the battery.
Purchase suggestion:
For small and medium-sized apartments, it is recommended to purchase a battery life of more than 30 minutes;
For large units, it is recommended to buy a battery with a battery life of more than 60 minutes.

②. Weight
Cleaning is clear to anyone who has experienced it; this is challenging work. Especially for most women, it is still very burdensome to control a heavy machine for a long time, especially for handheld vacuum cleaners; the device is too heavy is a hardship. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the weight of the vacuum cleaner before purchasing. The lighter the vacuum cleaner, the easier it will be to clean.
Purchase suggestion:
For women, it is recommended to buy a vacuum cleaner of about 1kg as much as possible.

③. Center of gravity design
The design of the center of gravity of the vacuum cleaner is also essential, which is related to whether it is smooth in actual use. For example, when cleaning dust in high places, it is recommended to use a model with a rear center of gravity design, which will save effort during use. The low center of gravity design is suitable for daily floor cleaning. Vertical low center of gravity design, ideal for floor cleaning. For example, this vacuum cleaner from Lake uses a low center of gravity design.

④. Anti-winding design
Imagine that for a vacuum cleaner without an anti-entanglement design; there are girls' hair, pet hair, and blanket fluff at home. After each cleaning, how much time does it take to process the entangled thread on the roller brush! So, how important it is to have an anti-entanglement design!

The brush head is designed with an anti-hair entanglement functional structure, which can more effectively prevent the brush from being entangled by the hair, avoiding the suction mouth from being stuck and the suction reduced, thereby affecting the cleaning effect.

The anti-winding design is mainly reflected in the material and design of the brush head. For example, some vacuum cleaner brush heads are directly arranged with blades.

⑤. Suction and drag integrated function
The integrated function of suction and mopping, all-inclusive cleaning and mopping, couldn't be more ideal.
For daily life, it is not only more convenient to suck the floor at the front and wash the floor at the back, but also the cleaning effect is more ideal.

⑥. Combination brush head
When purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner, whether it has a multi-functional brush head is a more critical point.
Because a good vacuum cleaner is not just for cleaning the ground! There are also various cabinet corners, the top of the cabinet, the bottom of the cabinet, as well as sofas, curtains, beds...and chandeliers, ceiling fans, air conditioning outlets, ceilings...

The vacuum cleaner cleans various corners, curtains, sofas, and gaps by replacing the suction head. Different brush heads can be used in different scenarios, and the cleaning will be more targeted.

Absorbent brush, long flat suction, small round brush, wide flat suction, fine-bristled brush, balanced mouth brush, bedding brush, mite brush, etc. Various brush heads can meet a variety of different life needs.

⑦. Floor brush head: direct drive brush head and soft velvet roller brush head

Direct-drive brush head: Relying on suction, the cleaning effect can only be said to be average, but it is widely used, carpet and floor can be used, multi-functional brush head.
Soft velvet roller brush head: Relying on the roller itself to clean, the cleaning effect is perfect, but there is no suction blessing, so it can only be cleaned where the roller passes. It is suitable for cleaning the floor, not the carpet.

⑧. Accessories brush head:
Crack brush head: also called flat nozzle brush head, basically it depends on the corners and corners.
Mites removal brush: As the name suggests, it is used for removing mites on the bed and sofa.
Pet brush head: a brush head for cleaning pet hair.
Carpet suction head: Clean the brush head, such as the carpet floor mat.
Dust sweeping brush head: suitable for cleaning curtains, sofas, walls
Mopping brush: for both suction and mopping
Two-in-one soft brush head: cleaning keyboard, home corners, keyboards, car seats, corner gaps, etc., the usage rate is relatively high
Purchase suggestion:
①. According to your daily needs, match the appropriate brush head.
②. The standard floor brush, slit suction, and two-in-one soft brush can meet general requirements. In theory, the more brush heads, the better, which can adapt to more scenes.

⑨. Folding lever arm
If a vacuum cleaner can only be cleaned "standing," it is definitely not a good vacuum cleaner for practical use. Using the vacuum cleaner to keep standing and bending over, people are quickly tired. At this time, there is an adjustable telescopic extension tube that can significantly improve cleaning efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

⑩. Machine cleaning
The machine cleaning mentioned here means that after the vacuum cleaner is used, we need to maintain and clean the machine. If it is not convenient to clean, it will seriously affect our experience.
The cleaning of the vacuum cleaner generally involves the filter element and the dust box. If it supports detachable cleaning, it will be relatively convenient to clean.
Purchase suggestion:
The filter element and dust box are removable and washable.

. Noise
If the vacuum cleaner is loud when it is working, it will undoubtedly significantly affect daily life.
Therefore, you must pay attention to the noise level of the vacuum cleaner before purchasing, whether there is noise reduction treatment and the noise is not harsh.