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Home vacuum cleaner selection guide


Two types of household vacuum cleaners

In terms of function, household vacuum cleaners are mainly divided into two types: dry and wet. Dry, it's easy to understand, the home sucks dust. Naturally, it is dry; it is possible to absorb water droplets on the floor for both dry and wet purposes.

In terms of power, it is divided into two types: high-power vacuum cleaner and portable. Generally, 3000W to 4500W power is a high-power vacuum cleaner. The high-power vacuum cleaner is a traditional vacuum cleaner with a strong dust removal ability. Due to the high energy, the motor is large, and the volume of the vacuum cleaner is also significant. In terms of price, a vacuum cleaner with high power is cheaper.

Portable vacuum cleaners are naturally small in capacity. Generally, the power is between 60W and 200W. There are wired and wireless, and wireless vacuum cleaners can be charged.

household vacuum cleaners

Principle of vacuum cleaner
According to the high-speed operation of the motor, a vacuum is generated inside, resulting in a high-speed cyclone. The garbage is sucked in from the suction inlet, and the trash sucked into the vacuum cleaner is stored in a cloth bag. The air is purified by a filter and discharged to the vacuum cleaner.
The previous understanding of vacuum cleaners is that the greater the horsepower, the stronger the suction, which can suck glass slag and stones from the ground; in addition, it is fully functional, that is, there are many electric brush heads, such as dust removal, polishing and waxing, and suction. Carpets, curtains, wall dust, mites, etc. A vacuum cleaner has many accessories.

Modern vacuum cleaner
The most important thing for a modern vacuum cleaner is its professional ability. This is the crucial thing a vacuum cleaner needs to do. In addition, it is easy to use, easy to remove, and easy to take. In addition, the design of the vacuum cleaner is wireless and straightforward, and there is no need to hold a long and thin wire. The suction head and handle are designed as a "cross shaft," so you don't need to bend your body for operation.

The actual performance of modern vacuum cleaners is that it is silent, and the impression that the vacuum cleaner gives is a great sound. Nowadays, high-end vacuum cleaners have significantly reduced noise; the second is zero emission of organic waste gas. The air inside the traditional vacuum cleaner passes through the filter and floats. Exhausted together will cause air pollution. Today's high-end vacuum cleaners use a water-filtered HEPA high-efficiency filter, which significantly reduces industrial waste gas emissions.

The level of household vacuum cleaners

There are about three levels of vacuum cleaners currently on the market, which can be distinguished in terms of function and price.
High-end vacuum cleaners should have a trendy appearance design, with high-efficiency filtering equipment and silent working capabilities.
The middle-end vacuum cleaner is equipped with many electric brush heads, which has a large volume and a significant suction power;
Low-end vacuum cleaners have high power and suction power, and the price difference is also huge. This kind of vacuum cleaner has more industrial waste gas.

The standard rated voltage of the vacuum cleaner should be 380V, 500HZ. Otherwise, it is not easy to connect to a separate power supply.
The connections of the various parts of the vacuum cleaner should be tight. A vacuum cleaner with poor sealing characteristics will not only have a poor dust removal effect but also increase power consumption.
For families, it is more appropriate to choose a vacuum cleaner with a total rated power of about 400W to 600W. This type of vacuum cleaner is sufficient to remove dust from household carpets and other places.

Things to check carefully when buying a household vacuum cleaner

1. First, look at the vacuum cleaner casing. If it is a plastic tube section, you need to check whether there are cracks in the tube section. Also, pay attention to whether the connection between the left and right tube sections is tightened. If it is a metal tube section, take a look first at whether the tube section is bruised, whether the paint is well-proportioned, whether the middle of the left and right tube sections is airtight, etc.
2. After inspecting the surface, plug in the vacuum cleaner, and there will be a sound of wind entering after plugging in. When the dust removal port of the vacuum cleaner is covered by the hand, the noise of the motor is significantly increased, and the writing will feel great suction at this time. It should be noted that there should only be wind noise after the vacuum cleaner is plugged in. The lower the sound of the machine, the better, and other noises should not be mixed;